Solution Deployment

This chapter describes how Integrated Solution can be instantiated and tested.

Solution Provisioning

To provision a solution - or equivalently: creating a corresponding Solution Instance - select the Provisioning » option from your My Work launch panel:

The Provisioning dialog will open



Select your recently created solution with the new Release from the Solution drop down menu list.

All available solutions will be presented from this drop down menu.

Solution Instance Short Description

Enter a meaningful description in short for your Solution Instance here. What you enter here will appear the tree node of your Solution Instance.

Open Tenant UI

The Solution Instance to be tested will appear under the Solution tree node in the SunGard Cloud tree view.

Click once on the entry with a Gold Star

The Solution Instance View will appear

Select Open Tenant UI from the Solution Instance dialog box.

A new browser window will open with the Infinity Process Platform login screen for that deployed model.

Using this link you can login to the newly created Solution Instance with the Administrator account which will initially be motu for the account and motu for the password. The corresponding password should be change via the IPP User Management.

Solution Instance Deprovisioning

With creating Solution Instances on Infinity On Demand, you are consuming SunGard infrastructure resources. At the moment, this service is provided to segments for free. However, you are expected to cleanup your Solution Instances if they are no longer needed. The Infinity On Demand will constantly monitor activities on Solution Instance and explicitly request to deprovision unused environments.

To deprovision a solution Instances, right-click the Solution Instance node in the SunGard Cloud tree view, select Deprovision Solution Instance and confirm the confirmation dialog accordingly.