Lifecycle Management

The Infinity Process Platform provides concepts and features for the full management of the lifecycle of an IPP-based Solution. The following sections describe the necessary tasks, participants and tools.

Lifecycle Tasks

The following tasks have to be accomplished as part of the IPP Lifecycle Management:

Lifecycle Participants

The following sections describe the roles and the skill set for the two roles required for working with IPP.

Technical Integrator/Configuration Manager

Individuals assigned to the Technical Integrator/Configuration Manager role with IPP will set up the Lifecycle Management Server and Integration Runtime environments for IPP. They will also configure system connectivity via Apache Camel and where needed provide additional connector code.

Furthermore, the Technical Integrator/Configuration Manager should operate and monitor the low level components (Database, Application Server) of the above runtime environments.

This roles requires knowledge on

Technical Integrator/Configuration Manager
Figure: Technical Integrator/Configuration Manager

Business Analyst

Individuals assigned to the Business Analyst role with IPP will:

There is no technology expertise required for this role beyond IPP. It would be advantageous for this role to have expertise on the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN).

Business Analyst
Figure: Business Analyst

Lifecycle Management Portal

The Business Analysts would use the Lifecycle Management Portal to accomplish all of their tasks. No further tooling is needed.