Deploying Infinity Scan with Kofax Controls and Kofax VirtualReScan


Infinity Scan may be deployed with Kofax Image Controls for general scan support and VirtualReScan to support Advanced Image Processing. This deployment requires completing the following steps.

Prerequisites for Scanning Workstation

The following prerequisite tasks should be completed before beginning the Infinity Scan installation procedure:

Testing the Scanner

Complete the following steps to make sure that the scanner has been set up properly.

  1. Navigate to Start > Programs > Kofax ImageControls.
  2. Click the VCDEM32.EXE shortcut.
  3. Click on the Source menu and select Scanner. Pick the source you selected during the VRS Image Control installation. The scanner should be ready.
  4. Place a document in the scanner.
  5. Click on the Source menu and select Process Image. The document should be scanned and will display in the application.

If the document scanned properly, you should be able to install Infinity Scan and begin using Infinity Scan to scan documents into Infinity Process Platform.

If the document did not scan properly, you will need to troubleshoot your installation of the scanner, Kofax Image Control Software, and VRS. Refer the Kofax documentation for troubleshooting details.

Installing the Infinity Scan software

You can download the Infinity Scan installer as a zip file from the following location. Once you unzip the file, double-click the InfinityScan application file. The Infinity Scan gets initiated.

Configure Kofax VirtualReScan

Make the following changes to Kofax VirtualReScan:

Note: Detailed instructions for making the configuration changes listed above can be downloaded from the Kofax Web site at