IPP Scan

IPP Scan is a rich client application which allows you to acquire images from a scanner, quickly de-skew and correct brightness and contrast levels for the incoming scan document, thus effectively inserting the highest-quality black and white images into your workflow. It provides users with the ability to scan documents and insert them directly into the workflow system for immediate distribution to an authorized processor. Scan operators use the scanning component and a compatible scanner to create read-only image files (TIFFs) for documents. The scanning module will scan image files using high speed batch scan devices as well as personal desktop scan devices.


Supported Platforms

IPP Scan is currently supported on the following platforms:

Operating System Version
Microsoft Windows Windows XP SP3+, Windows 7

Training Videos

Section Scan Client in the following Wiki page provides a self-learning video which helps you getting started with the IPP Scan client:

Note that these videos were created in an earlier Infinity version than the current. Some functionality or design might have changed meanwhile.