Working Offline

This chapter describes how to get local copies for each of the following artifact bundles in order to distribute them on a physical device.

IPP Build Artifacts including 3rd Party Dependencies

Infinity Process Platform provides a Maven POM file, which references all Infinity Process Platform related artifacts including the 3rd party dependencies. With the help of the Maven command

mvn dependency:go-offline

you can download all artifacts into a local repository. In your Maven project POM file, you have to reference the provided POM file, e.g.:


Now you can zip the local repository and extract it again on your custom machine. There you have to specify the local repository as a remote one. This can be done in the settings.xml file in the following way:

<settings xmlns=""
        <name>Central PlugIn Repository</name>

The example code snippet above assumes that you have extracted the local repository into C:\Development\ipp-repository. The first part for downloading the artifacts and creating the zip file is done by the build process so that you can use the corresponding zip archive, which you can retrieve by the Infinity Process Platform support team.

Eclipse Modeling Features including 3rd Party Dependencies

To get local copies of the Eclipse Modeling Features artifacts including third-party dependencies, export one or more folders from the artifactory that contain the required features.

Eclipse Platform

The required Eclipse platform bundle can be hosted on an internal file server and downloaded when needed.