Quick Installation Guide



To get started you need a version of the currently supported Eclipse including the required dependencies and the Process Workbench Eclipse features. These features include the process modeler and the rapid application development (RAD) environment.

After installing Eclipse and dependencies as described in the following section Eclipse Installation you have several options to add the Process Workbench Eclipse features to it:

The right Eclipse Version

The Process Workbench is based on the Eclipse Platform and consists of the combination of the basic Eclipse platform and a number of plug-ins. Refer to the Release Notes for details on the currently supported Eclipse version. Please make sure to download the appropriate version for your operating system.

Install Eclipse by extracting the downloaded file into a folder of your choice. Then start Eclipse and choose your preferred workspace location. On first startup you will see a Welcome screen, which you may close.

Process Workbench Eclipse Feature Installation

Once you have installed and started Eclipse the Process Workbench Eclipse features still need to be installed. This section describes how to do this using different alternatives. Please read the introduction and choose the appropriate options for you.

Online Eclipse Update Site

  1. Go to: Help > Install New Software...
  2. Add a new remote update site named IPP pointing to https://infinity.sungard.com/repository/ipp-eclipse-features/
  3. Select the new IPP remote update site and when asked for a login type the credentials (e-mail/password) you used when registering at the Infinity Storefront
  4. Select the check box Infinity Process Platform - Modeling
  5. Confirm all possible follow-up screens
  6. Restart Eclipse when prompted to after the installation has completed.

Local Eclipse Update Site (offline)

For one of the reasons mentioned in the introduction you may prefer to download the complete update site so you can use it as a local Eclipse update and install the Process Workbench Eclipse Features offline, possibly to multiple environments. The zipped complete Eclipse update site can be downloaded from the repository
https://infinity.sungard.com/repository/ipp-eclipse-features/ipp-9.2.0/ipp-update-site-9.2.0.zip. (Replace the version number in the URL according to your needs)

The installation of the right Eclipse version as described in the section The right Eclipse Version is still a pre-condition.

  1. Go to Help > Install New Software...
  2. Add a new local update site of type "Archive" pointing to the zip file that you downloaded.
  3. Next select this local update site and check the checkbox for Infinity Process Platform - Process Workbench 9.2.0
  4. Confirm all follow-up screens
  5. Restart Eclipse after installation

(see section Online Eclipse Update Site for more details)

3.3 Install Features as Drop-ins (offline)

Please refer to the Eclipse Platform Plug-in Developer Guide's section The drop-ins folder and supported file layouts.
Remember to start Eclipse using the parameter -clean after making modifications to the drop-ins folder.

If you are not interested in the Maven features your installation is completed. Skip to the section Where to go from here

Retrieving Artifacts from the Maven Repository

If you just want to get started quickly, create a process model and possibly use the rapid application development (RAD) environment to execute it, then you don't need this. In that case please continue with the Where to go from here section.

Additionally to the Process Workbench Eclipse features the following artifacts and scripts can be found in the Maven repository:

The Maven archetype is defined in the archetype-catalog.xml.

We recommend to install the M2 Eclipse plugin which allows you to work comfortably with Maven from inside Eclipse. Check if this plugin is already shipped with your Eclipse installation.

Where to go from here

Turn to the to Developer documentation to learn more about the Process Workbench.

We suggest to have look at the training videos and the Tutorials Guide. The Process Workbench also provides cheat sheets to guide you through the steps of working with the workflow modeler. Refer to chapter Cheat Sheet View for details.

Also go to the Stardust Knowledge Base to find How-Tos, API Cookbook, articles, advanced tutorials and more material that will help you to get your project running quickly.

Upgrading Installed Features

The installed Process Workbench Eclipse Features can be upgraded to a new version or downgraded to a previously installed version.

In case you are upgrading from a Infinity Process Platform version earlier than 8.2., you need to perform a migration process. Please refer to chapter Migrating from Versions earlier than 8.2 for details.

To upgrade your installed features to a later version provided via an update site perform the following steps:

  1. In the main menu, select Help > Check for Updates
  2. The Available Updates dialog opens. Select the updates you like to install. In the Version column, the newest version to update to is displayed.
  3. Review and confirm your selected updates and click Next.
  4. Accept the license and select Finish.
  5. Restart Eclipse.

When upgrading to a new version in an already configured environment you also need to upgrade your Web project and process model(s) as described in the product documentation chapter "Upgrading to later Versions".