Upgrading and Downgrading Infinity Process Platform Features

You have the option to upgrade or downgrade installed Infinity Process Platform Features. The following sections describe the necessary steps to be performed:

Upgrading Features

When upgrading from an Infinity Process Platform version earlier than 8.2, you need to perform a migration process. Please refer to chapter Migrating from Versions earlier than 8.2 for details.

To upgrade your installed Infinity Process Platform features to a later version provided in the repository, perform the following steps:

  1. In the main menu, select Help > Check for Updates.

  2. The Available Updates dialog opens. Select the Infinity Process Platform updates you like to install. In the Version column, the newest version to update to is displayed.

  3. Review and confirm your selected updates and click Next.

  4. Accept the license and select Finish.

    Accept License

  5. The installation progress starts.

    Installation Progress

  6. Restart Eclipse.

If upgrading to a new version in an already configured environment, also take care to perform the necessary steps to upgrade your Web project and model accordingly, as described in chapter Upgrading to Later Versions.

Downgrading to Earlier Versions

To downgrade your installed Infinity Process Platform plugins to earlier versions, you have to uninstall the features with the current version:

  1. In the main menu, select Help > Installation Details.

    Installation Details

  2. Go to the Installed Software tab and select all Infinity Process Platform software you like to downgrade.


  3. Click the Uninstall button.
  4. Review and confirm the selected software and click Finish.

  5. Now install the Infinity Process Platform features with earlier versions. The installation process is the same as described in section Download the Artifacts via Eclipse Update Site, just use the appropriate Artifactory location URL containing the earlier version.
  6. Restart Eclipse.

Note that downgrading to another major/minor Infinity Process Platform version may cause problems in an already configured project, e.g. when uninstalling Web project facets or trying to downgrade a model. Please refer to the release notes to check on major changes, which can be changed manually (e.g. in XPDL model files) or contact the Infinity Process Platform support team for support.