Migrating from Versions earlier than 8.2

With Infinity Process Platform version 8.2, the feature structure and packaging of plugins changed. If you like to upgrade from a version earlier than 8.2, you need to perform a migration process.

Updating by Installing the new Version

Install the new version along with the migration features:

  1. Click Help > Install New Software...
  2. Enter the URL of the Eclipse update site or add a new local update site pointing to the zip file that you downloaded containing the new version. Please refer to section Process Workbench Eclipse Feature Installation of the Quick Installation Guide for details.
  3. Select the following features:

  4. Click Next
  5. Review the installation details. They should show the migration features as well as the origin features.

  6. Click Next
  7. Accept the license agreement
  8. Click OK

Uninstalling the Migration Features

Now uninstall the migration features:

  1. Go to Eclipse Installation Details
  2. Click Installed Software
  3. Select all migration features. You recognize them by the ending "(Upgrade from version < 8.2)"
  4. Click Uninstall

  5. Review and confirm by clicking Finish

The migration process is now completed.

Migrating after an Update via Check for Updates Option

Note that this way of migration is not recommended. However it is necessary after you already updated your features via the Help/Check For Updates option.

The disadvantage of migrating this way is that it is not possible to uninstall the migration features without uninstalling the new features as well.

The required migration steps are the following:

  1. Click Help > Check for Updates
  2. De-select option Hide items that are already installed
  3. Install all features from the Infinity Process Platform - Modeling section.

    This step is required to mark these features as primary features!
  4. Now you have two options: