Infinity Process Platform Release 9.2.0

Build number: 9.2.0

Release 9.2.0 is a combined feature and maintenance release.

System Requirements

The typical Infinity Process Platform installation requires:

Note that these are the minimum requirements to successfully install and run Infinity on a personal computer. In practice, too much depends on the number of concurrent users and the network load. Linux, for example, is very efficient in terms of managing resources, and can support more number of connections for fewer resources. If you are using Windows and Java 32 Bit, the maximum amount of Java heap space should not exceed 1.6 GB.

Make sure that you have a proper version of Eclipse Mars SR2. To install Eclipse Mars, we recommend to use the new Eclipse installer, powered by Oomph, which automates the installation and update of Eclipse development environments. For details, please refer to the Installer instructions provided by Eclipse or to section Installing Eclipse Mars of chapter Installation Process.

In case you prefer to use the old-style installation, you also have the option to download the zip file, which is still available on the Eclipse download pages.

Please note that Eclipse does not include the Java runtime environment (JRE). You need JRE (version 7) installed on your PC to run Eclipse, as in the above list.

The application server and the back-end database may require additional resources. Please consult the relevant documentation for additional information.

Supported Platforms

The following tables list all supported micro versions for:

We do not expect any problems in all micro versions covered in the following tables of supported platforms, but we cannot strictly guarantee correct end-to-end system functionality in other platform versions than the Reference Test Platforms, as bugs in the platform code and problems introduced by combining different unforeseen micro-level versions of the different platform components could in rare cases introduce incorrect system behavior that is beyond our control. Refer to section Reference Test Platforms for a list of fine grained version information for our regression test platforms.

Supported Eclipse Platform

Currently the following Eclipse platform is supported:

Supported Portal Platforms

The Infinity Process Platform portals are currently supported on the following user agents:

User Agents Supported Versions
Internet Explorer (except Modeling, Model & Go! and Rules Management perspectives) 10, 11, Edge
Mozilla Firefox 43, 44, 45 (note that future browser releases are not tested with Infinity yet and might cause issues)
Google Chrome 48, 49, 50 (note that future browser releases are not tested with Infinity yet and might cause issues)

Supported Database Servers

The following database servers are currently supported by the Infinity Process Platform:

Server Supported Versions
Oracle 11g R1 ( (deprecated), 11g R2 (, 12.1.1 (12c)
DB2 UDB 9.7
MySQL 5.6
Sybase ASE 15.7
SQL Server 2008, 2012

Supported Application Servers

The following application servers are currently supported by the Infinity Process Platform:

Server Supported Versions
IBM WebSphere 8 ( or later)
Oracle WebLogic 10.3.6, 12c Release 1
JBoss 7.1, EAP 6.3, EAP 6.4
Apache Tomcat 7

If you don't see your favorite database or application server in this list, please send a request to us. We continuously update the list of supported databases and application servers.

Supported Java Runtime

Vendor Supported Version
Oracle, Sun Java SE 6
Oracle 1.7.x, 1.8.x
IBM 32 Bit JRE 6.0 (together with WebSphere 8)
Oracle JRockit 6 (together with Oracle 11g application server)

Product Integrations

Vendor Supported Version
Hibernate 3.1.3

Other System Dependencies

Vendor Supported Version
Spring 3.2.16
Jackrabbit 2.6.1
Hazelcast 2.4

Reference Test Platforms

The following tables provide fine grained version information for our regression test platforms.

Reference Test Database Servers

The following database servers are currently tested as reference:

Server Supported Versions
Oracle 11g R1 (, 11g R2 (, 11g-XE, 12c (12.1.1)
DB2 UDB 9.7.5
MySQL 5.6
Sybase ASE 15.7
SQL Server 2012

Reference Test Application Servers

The following application servers are currently tested as reference:

Server Supported Versions
IBM WebSphere
Oracle WebLogic 10.3.6, 12.1.2, 12.1.3
JBoss 7.1.1, EAP 6.3.0, EAP 6.4.0
Apache Tomcat 7.0.69

New Features and Improvements

The following new features and bug fixes have been introduced with release 9.2.0:

This release also incorporates features and bug fixes introduced with the following merged releases:

This release also provides fixes previously shipped in the following Service Packs:

Model & Go! Checklist Panel Enhancements

The checklist panel provided in the Model & Go! perspective has been enhanced with the following changes:

Newly introduced Properties

The following properties have been introduced with this release:

Please refer to chapter Server Side Properties for details on these properties.

Modeling Perspective Preview Functionality

The following functionality of the Modeling perspective has been introduced as or is still customer technology preview only. Note that these previews may not be functionally complete and are not intended for production use.

The Infinity Portal provides a configuration switch to show or hide features that are provided as technology preview.

Transition of the IPP Portal UI to HTML(5) Technologies

With this release, the transition of the IPP Portal UI to HTML(5) technologies has been completed for most views.

ICEfaces/JSF-based components are replaced by a new Portal Shell and a new HTML(5)-based development has been introduced for these views.

Please note that screenshots have not been replaced for all UI components in this release yet.

List of Feature and Change Requests

The following new features have been introduced with release 9.2.0:

Issue-ID Description
CRNT-41227 Browser Modeler: Support Calendar Primitive Type
CRNT-41225 Browser Modeler: Support setting Date Time Descriptors to hide time component when displaying in Portal.
CRNT-41050 Model & Go!: Service Task Error Flow Pattern
CRNT-41028 Simple Modeler: Decorator Application on Process Interfaces should be modeled as Sub-Process Activity in Simple Modeler (instead of an Application Activity).
CRNT-40616 Checklist Panel: Process Summary Root Node should show Notes & Documents
CRNT-40561 Portal: Thousand separator is displayed by default.
CRNT-40532 Browser Modeler: Change Default Profile = Integrator
CRNT-40344 Upgrade Apache common-collections to 3.2.2 to eliminate zero-day exploit risk
CRNT-40329 Model & Go: Support for implicitly creating Descriptors in Sub-Processes for Models created in the Model & Go Perspective.
CRNT-40282 Upgrade commons-fileupload to version 1.3
CRNT-40279 Replace the Pass & Fail QA icons
CRNT-40277 Browser Modeler: Support 'Required' Primitive Activity Mappings
CRNT-40238 Checklist Panel: All fields for the Related Business Object(s) should be shown in the details area
CRNT-40215 Kernel to support Root Process Name (and filtering / sorting) in ProcessInstanceQuery.
CRNT-40214 Portal: Support for Root Process name in Process tables.
CRNT-40200 Browser Modeler should load models on best effort basis.
CRNT-40180 Business Date should not include time component
CRNT-40147 Upgrade to latest version of HTML5 Framework - v2.2.4
CRNT-40106 Portal: Use compact Date Time picker control across the Portal.
CRNT-40099 Model & Go!: Default Names for Checklist Panel Input Fields should be appropriate to Input Type
CRNT-40018 Checklist Panel: Support for Quality Assurance Activities.
CRNT-39976 Admininistration Perspective - Document Repository: Multifile upload dialog should support file collision options.
CRNT-39867 Calendar: Support Single Click to Unsubscribe Calendar
CRNT-39853 Browser Modeler: Support setting Date Time Descriptors to not adjust for local time zone.
CRNT-39774 Upgrade Spring to 3.2.16
CRNT-39679 Model & Go!: Support for multiple Primitive return values for Service Tasks.
CRNT-39678 Engine: Support for assigning a Document returned from an Activity to a DocumentList.
CRNT-39662 Model & Go!: Support making Booleans Mandatory
CRNT-39615 Portal: Cache User Avatar Preferences
CRNT-39613 Change default value for property AuditTrail.UsePreparedStatements from false to true
CRNT-39604 Worklist: Bulk Complete should consider mandatory fields.
CRNT-39571 Checklist Panel: Process History
CRNT-39570 Kernel: Support Data History for Checklist Panel > Process Summary tab.
CRNT-39564 Portal: HTML5 Componentization - Provide Worklist as a reusable UI widget to be consumed by client applications.
CRNT-39558 Model & Go!: Decorator Applications should be included for Service Tasks.
CRNT-39556 Portal: Daemon View takes over 2 minutes to display.
CRNT-39507 Portal: Allow User to upload Documents per Activity in Checklist Panel.
CRNT-39489 Portal: Support export and import of folder hierarchies from the Document Repository.
CRNT-39485 Business Object Instances should not be "lost" when a new Business Object Model Version is deployed.
CRNT-39458 Model & Go!: Support Manual Start = "None" option.
CRNT-39457 Portal: Allow multi-file uploads.
CRNT-39453 Portal: Provide improved Search capability for the Document Repository View.
CRNT-39381 Checklist Notes Panel
CRNT-39374 Portal: Role Worklist nodes in My Assignments tree should be expanded by default.
CRNT-39336 Web Modeler server side has to prevent circular dependencies
CRNT-39310 Document Viewer: Support for Word documents and Excel spreadsheets does not work after Setup.
CRNT-39251 Portal: Documents and Folders in Folder trees should be sorted alphabetically.
CRNT-39220 Browser Modeler: Support grouping (thousands) separators for numeric Descriptors.
CRNT-39169 Portal: Highlight current date on HTML5 Date Picker control.
CRNT-39117 Portals: Use client (browser) timezone for all displayed timestamps and for "Duration" calculations in HTML5 tables.
CRNT-38930 Create REST services to support Document Security Operations
CRNT-38796 Model & Go!: Support Mandatory fields in Checklist Panel
CRNT-38795 Portal: Support merge during Business Object Import.
CRNT-38794 Support for Composite Descriptors.
CRNT-38792 Model & Go!: Checklists as Process Interfaces
CRNT-38791 Checklist Header Definitions
CRNT-38789 Portal: Complete and Get Next Item from Worklist.
CRNT-38787 Model & Go!: Support making values returned by Service Tasks accessible to the Process.
CRNT-38780 Limit Business Object Instance Visibility by Department Grant
CRNT-38724 Portal: Persist/Save filter settings per user across sessions in HTML5 Tables.
CRNT-38698 Portal: Filter Worklist By Business Object.
CRNT-38616 Portal: Business Object Instance Calendar Names Should be Based on the 'Name' instead of the Primary Key.
CRNT-38459 Checklist Panel Usability Changes
CRNT-38371 Participant Management Updates
CRNT-38351 Model & Go!: Create 'Business Date' Descriptor Implicitly.
CRNT-37803 Portals: Condense Actions Column in the Standard Tables.
CRNT-37403 Add "Insert Mode" to Spawning of Processes.
CRNT-37402 Provide an Application Type for templated Invocation of other Applications and Process Interfaces
CRNT-37400 Business Object Process Start: Ensure Process Instance + Business Object Instance + Business Day Uniqueness.
CRNT-37399 Portal: Support for Root Process Name column in Worklist tables.
CRNT-37145 Administration > Document Repository View: HTML5 Implementation.
CRNT-36327 Portals: Provide Benchmarking Dashboards.
CRNT-36109 Modeler: Field Properties tree should restore the expansion state of nodes after refresh/update
CRNT-35407 Include Templating Dependencies and Camel Context in Standard Deployments
CRNT-34444 Support HTML5 based Launch Panels
CRNT-34428 Portals: Support for Internet Explorer 11.
CRNT-34425 Upgrade to latest version of HTML5 Framework - v2.2.0
CRNT-27698 Throw InvalidArgumentException instead of InternalException when XPath is not defined.

List of Bug Fixes

The following bug fixes have been introduced with release 9.2.0:

CRNT-41331 Portal: Saving permission changes in Authorization Manager View takes a long time.
CRNT-41303 Reporting: Report sent by Email contains unexpected model_data.
CRNT-41173 Portal: Admin Perspective - CMIS Repository - upload folder zip does not work as expected
CRNT-41162 Reporting: JavaScript used in computed columns does not work in specific cases.
CRNT-41075 Browser Modeler: Modifying a single Configuration Variable in a large Model takes a long time.
CRNT-41068 Portal: Error shown to Deputy User on Activity Activation after expiration of Deputy Grants is not displayed correctly.
CRNT-41060 Portal: Worklist does not use i18n labels for Process and Activity names.
CRNT-40867 Filtering on descriptor columns should take multiple process filters in account.
CRNT-40825 Deputy management does not remove deputy from role after expiration time
CRNT-40802 If Delegation grant is disabled, user cannot save and suspend an activity
CRNT-40791 Workflow Process Attachments: File/Document Upload Dialog not working in some scenarios.
CRNT-40759 Save and suspend option of an activity is not working in case of disabled Delegation grant.
CRNT-40733 Portal: Descriptor for multi-cardinality field is not displayed on the Worklist and in Process Search.
CRNT-40701 Browser Modeler: Scan Trigger document attribute cannot be set correctly when Process Attachments are shared across Process hierarchy in a cross-model scenario.
CRNT-40650 Fix references to JavaScript libraries in ippMashupAuthProxy.html.
CRNT-40648 Eclipse Modeler: Process Workbench I18N (Japanese) changes for "Message Transformation Test" launch configuration
CRNT-40646 Eclipse Modeler: Process Workbench I18N (Japanese) changes for "Model file to import" dialog
CRNT-40645 Eclipse Modeler: Process Workbench I18N (Japanese) changes for Link Types
CRNT-40644 Eclipse Modeler: Process Workbench I18N (Japanese) changes for JSF & Manual to JSF conversion
CRNT-40643 Eclipse Modeler: Process Workbench I18N (Japanese) changes for Camel Trigger
CRNT-40642 Eclipse Modeler: Process Workbench I18N (Japanese) changes Activity Types --> Loops
CRNT-40640 Eclipse Modeler: Process Workbench I18N (Japanese) changes Application Types --> Authorization
CRNT-40637 Eclipse Modeler: Process Workbench I18N (Japanese) changes Process Definition
CRNT-40636 Eclipse Modeler: Process Workbench I18N (Japanese) changes for Conditional Performer
CRNT-40635 Eclipse Modeler: Process Workbench I18N (Japanese) changes for Spring Bean Application Type
CRNT-40634 Eclipse Modeler: Process Workbench I18N (Japanese) changes for Camel Application Types
CRNT-40633 Eclipse Modeler: Process Workbench I18N(Japanese) changes for Model --> Data Types
CRNT-40632 Eclipse Modeler: Process Workbench I18N(Japanese) changes for Model --> Data
CRNT-40630 Eclipse Modeler: Process Workbench I18N(Japanese) changes in Windows --> Preferences
CRNT-40626 Browser Modeler: MTA application sometimes hangs and slows downs when dealing with certain type declarations.
CRNT-40561 Portal: Thousand separator is displayed by default.
CRNT-40533 Model & Go!: Model is corrupt after adding a Service Task with Implementation = Email
CRNT-40499 Traffic light view: Labels for columns should be i18n for non-admin users
CRNT-40497 Gantt Chart: Fails to load when missing 'Expected Duration.'
CRNT-40478 Portal: Filtering on descriptor columns should take Process / Activity filter in account.
CRNT-40378 Admin Perspective: Participant Management Search Tree Filter is not Working
CRNT-40353 Benchmark Management: Offset is not saved for Activities.
CRNT-40221 Optimizing database access to cluster
CRNT-40146 Portal: Scoped Role worklists are not showing any activities.
CRNT-40141 Rules Management View: Unable to able add condition/actions with Internet Explorer.
CRNT-40140 Rules Management View: Decision Table rule edition does not render properly.
CRNT-40111 Change REST Endpoints for fetching work assignments
CRNT-40076 Business Object Management: Cannot upload more than 100 records to a Business Object.
CRNT-39974 Process Overview: Process Filter shows {{}} after setting a Status Filter with IE 11.
CRNT-39963 Importing Structured Types fails in Modeling Perspective.
CRNT-39947 Reporting:Filter by Root Process OID descriptor not working in Report Preview screen
CRNT-39936 Portal: TLV (new) Tree Table Displays 'Activity Id' but should display 'Name'
CRNT-39934 Benchmark Management: Offset times are reset after refresh.
CRNT-39885 Process Attachment count descriptor does not work.
CRNT-39868 Calendar: Identically named Business Object nodes confuse the Calendar tree.
CRNT-39859 Portal: Document Security - Department Hierarchy is not handled correctly.
CRNT-39850 Engine: Document Security - Department Hierarchy is not handled correctly.
CRNT-39787 Missing i18n usage for key portal.common.js.oneIframeOpen.warning.
CRNT-39749 Browser Modeler: Process Attachments checkbox does not initialize correctly after it has been set.
CRNT-39746 Portal: Report Favorite is still displayed in Control Center after it has been deleted.
CRNT-39705 Reporting: Root Process OID is not available when configured as a Descriptor.
CRNT-39655 Improve stability of the engine when a hazelcast node in a cluster is unavailable.
CRNT-39644 Benchmarks: Benchmarks fail when calculation is against Root Process Start Time
CRNT-39577 Portal: Error in Document Triage Panel if first field of Business Object is not the Primary Key.
CRNT-39568 Retry option is not displayed for MTA applications in Eclipse modeler for models imported from Web modeler.
CRNT-39562 Business Object Start: Descriptor values do not display for Processes started from Business Object Start
CRNT-39528 Save Sort/Filter Selection or Save Column selection gets applied across all User/Role worklists when applied for a particular worklist
CRNT-39477 Process/Activity names with same names should be shown as separate entries in Process/Activity search.
CRNT-39433 Portal : ippMashupAuthProxy.html fail to load with UI Mashup created using FormBuilder.jar
CRNT-39397 Error: FileNotFoundException when opening Report
CRNT-39386 Scan: (407) Proxy Authentication Required is sometimes observed when using the Scan client from behind a proxy.
CRNT-39375 Portal: Assigning roles to users from User Manager View returns to the first page after each assignment.
CRNT-39345 Document Triage: UI allows user to click the "Start Process" icon multiple times leading to "duplicate" Process Instances to be created.
CRNT-39308 The default for Read Runtime Artifact Permission should be ALL.
CRNT-39291 UI Mashup: Parameter properties do not reset after parameter definition is deleted.
CRNT-39237 RAD: Exception on server console related to Resubmission
CRNT-39236 Web service API for some Document Management Service calls is failing when no model is deployed
CRNT-39231 Clicking pending activities link from Workflow Execution leads to NPE for specific multi models.
CRNT-39224 Browser Modeler: Remove Resubmission Timer details from Resubmission panel.
CRNT-39194 Document Repository Tree view becomes unusable with production-size repositories
CRNT-39170 Cannot change column order by dragging and dropping in IE 11
CRNT-39114 Activity Panel: Quality Assurance dialog does not close in some scenarios if page has custom validations.
CRNT-39092 Delegation to a scoped role or organization is not possible.
CRNT-39051 Manual Activity Panel: Long data and Scientific data are truncated to 0 or 2 digits after decimal point.
CRNT-38952 Business Date seems to default to "today" is not injected into processes started as service tasks
CRNT-38950 Portal: Business Date Descriptor is incorrectly adjusted for local time zone when displayed.
CRNT-38910 Issue with referencing model elements when source model file name changes.
CRNT-38860 Structured Data Types:Can not set "Field Properties" for nested elements of ComplexType(Enum and SDT)
CRNT-38766 Browser Modeler: Scroll bar jumps when editing SDTs having many elements
CRNT-38580 Admin Tool: MYSQL 5.6 Sysconsole ddl escape partition and other key words
CRNT-38470 Traffic light view: Results are not displayed properly if Business date is a future date.
CRNT-38461 Model & Go!: Activity context information is missing from Checklist Process Data in condition builder.
CRNT-38406 Priority and Criticality Column Filters are Case Sensitive
CRNT-38258 Portal: Activities count in My Assignments Worklist is incorrect.
CRNT-37911 Activity name with single quotes in the name can't be opened
CRNT-37874 JavaScript errors occur in browser console during Portal startup.
CRNT-37138 Business Object Management: Support partial case-insensitive search of Business Object data.
CRNT-36213 Business Calendar: Validation should be added to check that End Time Should be greater than Start Time.
CRNT-36185 BOM: Make required number of record display option for a page configurable.
CRNT-34688 EObjectUUIDMapper is leaking memory as long as a modeling session is active.
CRNT-33446 JBoss EAP 6.2: JMS application unable to look up "CarnotXAConnectionFactory".
CRNT-31793 Date Descriptor is showing Time and hence in multi timezone deployment it shows incorrect date.
CRNT-31189 IProcessExecutionMonitor event does not provide latest data for some fields and some records.
CRNT-29578 Align complete and abort event handler.
CRNT-28636 Web-Based Modeler: Auto selection of access point is not working when Web service application activity is mapped with data.
CRNT-26133 Structured data imported from another model throws exception when used in REST OUT-data mappings
CRNT-22593 Phantom Event Handler is displayed instead of Event Action when Event Action Name is empty
CRNT-14237 Default Spring/ActiveMQ configuration causes error messages on shutdown.

Infinity Process Platform API Changes

API Changes

The following API changes have been performed with this release:

New WorkflowService spawnPeerProcessInstance method is introduced with changed parameters

The spawnPeerProcessInstance method of the WorkflowService is introduced with changed parameters.

workflowService.spawnPeerProcessInstance(long processInstanceOid, String spawnProcessID, SpawnOptions options)

The SpawnOptions is a container class for options that controls how the spawning operation has to be performed. The old implementation is now marked as deprecated, please see section Deprecated API.

New policy to include or exclude historical data from process instance detail queries

A new evaluation policy HistoricalDataPolicy has been introduced to determine if historical data should be fetched for process instance data or not. Please refer to section Including or excluding Historical Data from a Process Instance Query of chapter Building Queries for details on this policy.

Execution permissions changed for suspend methods

Execution permissions have been changed from delegateToOther to performActivity for the following suspend methods in the WorkflowService:

These changes allow users who are able to activate the activity to also suspend and save it. Additionally, the execution permission for these methods now defaults to OWNER instead of ALL.

Deprecated API

The following API methods are deprecated:

Deprecated Functionality

The XML Data type integration is deprecated and will not be provided in the Eclipse modeler in future releases. You can use the External Reference structured data type instead, which is equivalent to the XML Data type, with the difference that it supports XSD schema exclusively (no DTD specification). Please refer to section Using External XSD Types of chapter Defining Structured Types for details.

Upgrading from a Previous Release

This section covers upgrading necessary for upgrading from releases earlier than 9.2.0.

For upgrading issues introduced with earlier releases, please refer to chapter Upgrading to Later Versions. There you find all upgrading steps necessary for your specific version.

Model Upgrade required for new Type of predefined Business Date

A model upgrade is required to adjust the primitive data type of the predefined Business Date data to type Calendar (was Timestamp).

Please refer to section General Model Upgrade of chapter Upgrading to Later Versions for details on how to upgrade a model with an earlier IPP version.

Runtime upgrading

A runtime upgrade will be necessary to operate against audit trails created with earlier versions in order to account for the schema changes, which have been performed in this release. Please refer to section Runtime Upgrades of chapter Upgrading to Later Versions for details on how to upgrade an audit trail to a later version.

Schema changes

The following schema changes have been performed in this release:

Using DOCX Files (Templating) with a jackrabbit-jca-2.6.1-infinity01.rar File Configuration

Note that in case you like to use DOCX files, e.g. for templating, and you have a local jackrabbit-jca-2.6.1.rar, which was downloaded via the earlier jackrabbit-jca-2.6.1-infinity01.rar file version, do one of the following:

Upgrading Custom Services which send or receive XML containing loosely defined Namespaces

XML namespaces validation has become stricter since version 8.0. You might face issues if you upgrade from an IPP version earlier than 8.0 and the following points apply:

Please refer to section Solution of chapter Upgrading to Later Versions for details on how to make your XMLs follow the correct XML namespacing standards.

Note that IPP core APIs and services are not impacted because IPP APIs and services use proper XML namespacing standards.

Using a custom Skin in an Upgrade Scenario

If you use a custom skin in your Portal, which was applied in a version earlier than 9.2, you have to re-select it in the Portal Configuration to apply internal changes for default skin preferences.

Please refer to section Selecting the Portal Skin of chapter Configuring general Portal Components in the End User Handbook for details on how to select custom skins.

GroupId and ArtifactId Changes in Templating Artifacts

In version 9.2 groupId and artifactId of the Camel Templating artifacts have been changed. Apply these changes to your environment in case you upgrade from a version earlier than 9.2. Replace the groupId and artifactId names in your POM files with the new groupId and artifactId accordingly.

The following table provides an overview on the groupId and artifactId changes for the particular projects:

Project Old GroupId Old ArtifactId New GroupId New ArtifactId
json-utils com.infinity.integration json-utils org.eclipse.stardust.engine.camel stardust-json-utils
camel-itext-convertor com.infinity.integration camel-itext-convertor org.eclipse.stardust.engine.camel stardust-camel-itext-convertor
camel-templating com.infinity.integration camel-templating org.eclipse.stardust.ui.web stardust-web-camel-templating

Please refer to section Upgrading from Versions earlier than 9.2 of chapter Upgrading to Later Versions for details.

Using Audit Trail Databases created with Versions earlier than 9.0 for Deployments in RAD

If you use an audit trail database in RAD that has been created with IPP version earlier than 9.0, you have to deselect and select the database from the server configuration page. Republishing the server updates the Tomcat server.xml file with the new resource definition entry for embedded database usage.

Migrating Process is required from Versions earlier than 8.2

With version 8.2, the feature structure and packaging of plugins changed. If you like to upgrade from a version earlier than 8.2, you need to perform a migration process, which is described in chapter Migrating from Versions earlier than 8.2.

Breaking Changes

The following breaking changes have been introduced with version 9.2.0:

GroupId and ArtifactId changed in Templating Artifacts

In version 9.2 groupId and artifactId of the Camel Templating artifacts have been changed. Please refer to section GroupId and ArtifactId Changes in Templating Artifacts for details and possible upgrading requirements.

XML Namespace Validation has become stricter

Note that XML namespaces validation has become stricter. In case you use custom solutions or services built on top of the IPP platform with a version earlier than 8.0 and they send or receive XML containing loosely defined namespaces, please follow the instructions described in section Solution of chapter Upgrading to Later Versions to make your XMLs follow the correct XML namespacing standards.

IPP core APIs and services are not impacted because IPP APIs and services use proper XML namespacing standards.

Known Issues and Restrictions with this Release

For general known issues and restrictions, please refer to the Troubleshooting section in our documentation.

Known Issues

Incorrect Login skin appears with a custom skin used in an upgrade scenario

An incorrect Login skin might be displayed if you use a custom skin, which was applied in a version earlier than 9.2. In this case re-select the custom skin in the Portal Configuration to apply internal changes for default skin preferences.

Running into Timeouts when using the Benchmark Daemon

If you run into timeouts when you are using the Benchmark daemon, this might happen due to low batch size values. In that case increase the timeout value of the daemon queue via the property benchmark.daemon.BatchSize in your server-side file.

Additionally make sure that the default transaction timeout for your Daemon queue is at least equal to the value of property benchmark.daemon.Periodicity.

Please find details on properties benchmark.daemon.Periodicity and benchmark.daemon.BatchSize in section Daemon of chapter Server Side Properties.

Partially loaded or improperly formatted pages

If you experience partially loaded or improperly formatted pages, clear your Browser cache.

MSSQL - Issues occur when using MSSQL XA driver with disabled usage of prepared statements

Issues occur when you use an MSSQL XA driver and you do not have enabled the usage of prepared statements. Use prepared statements in combination with a native MSSQL XA driver to avoid these issues.

Cross Modeling: Renaming an imported Structured Data from a referenced Model causes Issues

Renaming an imported structured data from a referenced model in a cross-model scenario might lead to inconsistent behavior.

M2Eclipse - Missing HttpServlet class error occurs after creating a new Maven project based on archetypes

After creating a new project based on archetypes, a missing HttpServlet class error is displayed in the Problems view due to an issue with the m2e-wtp Eclipse plugin. The plugin enables the JavaServer Faces project facet, because it identifies JSF dependencies, and thus also applies additional files to the project. To avoid this issue, deselect the JSF Configurator option in the Maven preferences as described in section Deselecting the JSF Configurator option to avoid Missing HttpServlet class error of chapter Creating a Infinity Process Platform Runtime Environment with Apache Maven.

JBoss 7.1 - is thrown on server start-up

In case you get a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: during server start-up with JBoss 7.1, make sure to upgrade the shipped RESTEasy stack to version 3.x. Upgrading to the new RESTEasy stack version prevents that the IPP jax-rs 2.0 is overwritten by the JBoss 1.0 jax-rs API during deployment, which otherwise happens due to issue

Exception occurs during a JBoss Deployment with MySQL version 5.6

The MySQL 5.6 installation comes with the MySql Connector/J in version 5.1.34. If you deploy this JAR into JBoss as a module and include it in the standalone.xml file, you are facing a DuplicateServiceException.

This is a known issue for JBoss versions earlier than 8 (Module for MySQL JDBC driver with version 5.1.30+ needs <driver-class> in standalone.xml). As a workaround you can define a specific driver-class in the standalone.xml in the driver section as follows:

   <driver name="mysql" module="com.mysql">

For details please refer to section Restrictions for a Deployment with MySQL Version 5.6 in the JBoss chapter of the Deployment Guide.

No Exception is thrown by modifyUser method when executed in mixed mode

If the modifyUser API is invoked in mixed mode (external and internal Authentication) to change the password and user information of an existing user, no Exception is thrown. The user information remains unchanged even though a successful response is provided.

ActiveMQ message server does not work with Java 8

Note that the ActiveMQ message server currently does not work with Java 8.

Portal - Exception occurs when expanding a repository folder with a large number of child nodes in a JBoss environment

If you expand a repository folder having a number of child nodes that exceeds a maximum number of about 500 and you are using a JBoss server, the following Exception might occur:

JBWEB000065: HTTP Status 500 - JBWEB002004: More than the maximum number of request parameters (GET plus POST) for a single request (512) 
   were detected. Any parameters beyond this limit have been ignored. To change this limit, set the maxParameterCount attribute 
   on the Connector.

To resolve this issue, add the following property to your JBoss configuration:

   <property name="org.apache.tomcat.util.http.Parameters.MAX_COUNT" value="1000"/> 

HTML5 color picker is not supported in Internet Explorer for Benchmark categories

Note that the HTML5 color picker is not supported in the Internet Explorer for Benchmark categories. The color can be set for the category by entering the hexadecimal code for that color in the Internet Explorer.

Model & Go! - File Arrival option of events is not supported

The File Arrival implementation option from the events of Model & Go! perspective is currently not supported.

SSO IAF IdP project - synchronization fails in case no unscoped organization exists in model

Currently an unscoped organization is required in the model for the participant hierarchy to be synchronized to the IAF Infinity IdP correctly. Please refer to chapter Setting up WebSSO Authentication with the IPP SSO SAML2 Artifact for details.

Logging for Portal WAR deployment on WebLogic misses information

If you perform a standard IPP portal WAR deployment on WebLogic, the produced log might miss some details like bootstrapping information from the Spring Framework or route tracing from the Camel Context.

To provide a proper logging, copy the slf4j-api-1.5.11.jar and slf4j-log4j12-1.5.11.jar libraries to the lib folder of your WebLogic domain.

Models created in the Model & Go! perspective with versions earlier than 9.0 cannot be viewed

Note that models created in the Model & Go! perspective with IPP versions earlier than 9.0 have the following attribute defined as:

<carnot:Attribute Name="simpleModel" Value="true" Type="boolean"/>

which has changed to the following in 9.0 version

<carnot:Attribute Name="stardust:model:simpleModel" Value="true" 

Hence, old models cannot be viewed in the Model & Go! perspective.

Process name not available in the Process Filter

The filter list for process won't display the process. You need to logout and login again to view the updated filter list. For more information, please refer the known issue section Process name not available in Process Filter of the chapter Troubleshooting.

MySQL 5.6 - Issues occur in case of a prepared statements property is set to false

In MySQL with property AuditTrail.UsePreparedStatements=false backslashes in strings are stripped. For more information, please visit this link.

Known Restrictions

Restriction for spawning into multiple activities joined by an inclusive OR

Due to the synchronous operation of a relocation, spawning into multiple activities, e.g. as resulted from an AND split, might not work as expected in the following scenario:

Please refer to chapter Relocating Activities in the Programming Guide for details.

Restrictions in the Modeling Perspective

For a list of all known restrictions in the Modeling perspective, please refer to section Restrictions in Modeler Functionality of chapter Compatibility and Analogy of Models.

Restrictions for using the Calendar Perspective

Restrictions for using the Business Object Management

Technical Rules editor code restriction

For the time being, you need to append _field to each variable in the code editor of a technical rule in the Rules Management perspective. Refer to chapter Defining Technical Rules for details.

UI Mashup application restrictions

UI Mashup applications have the following restrictions:

Limitations with JBoss 7.1

The following modifications need to be applied in the JBoss 7.1 server:

Due to an issue, the JBoss default JSF implementation cannot be changed as parameter WAR_BUNDLES_JSF_IMPL is not working in JBoss 7.1.1. (WAR file using WAR_BUNDLES_JSF_IMPL embedded in an EAR file fails deployment). This is caused by the issue: JSF Version retrieved from deployment unit instead of top level deployment unit.

As a workaround, in com/sun/jsf-impl/main module in jsf-impl-2.1.7-jbossorg-2.jar/META-INF: the .tld files have to be renamed to e.g. *-tmp.tld.

Limitations with JBoss 7.1 for EJB3 Deployment

While deploying JBoss 7.1 for EJB 3, the following exception may occur: org.jboss.msc.service.ServiceNotFoundException: Service service jboss.ejb.default-resource-adapter-name-service not found

For a successful deployment, add the following under <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:Domain:ejb3:1.4"> in the standalone.xml file.

      <resource-adapter-ref resource-adapter-name="hornetq-ra"/>
      <bean-instance-pool-ref pool-name="mdb-strict-max-pool"/>

Limitation with refresh of Worklist view

Worklist will not refresh itself automatically when the View is activated by tab switch or by clicking on it. It will refresh only when any activity was previously activated from the Worklist View. Note that this is not related to auto-refresh settings of worklist configuration. The auto-refresh settings would still refresh at specified time interval.

CMIS DMS Provider repository search restriction

Filtering the CMIS DMS Provider repository is currently restricted to filter searches by Document name only.

Limitation with Audit Trail Import/Export functionality

When audit trail import / export functionality is configured to be active, for some runtime platforms, interactions involving asynchronous engine operations may be delayed.

Department management in IAF Infinity IdP - synchronization fails for large Department Type Id

Organization hierarchy synchronization fails in IAF Infinity IdP in case the Organization Id created as department type exceeds 50 characters. Please make sure to keep the modelId and partitipantId in all IdP models relatively short as the department type is created by using these Ids (IPP_<modelId>_ MDL _<participantId>).

Third Party Licenses

For license terms and conditions for licensed third party software components included within the current Infinity Process Platform version, refer to the Third Party License Report file.

Previous Releases

Releases Earlier than 4.5.0

Overview on Service Packs

Chapter Infinity Process Platform Service Packs provides a description on Infinity Process Platform Service Packs. It gives an overview on the issues addressed for each service pack as well as which service packs are provided for concrete releases.