Events act as the starting point and ending point of the process.

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The Modeling perspective supports two types of events:

This chapter covers the following:

Adding Start Event

In the toolbar, click Create Start Event icon and drop it to swim lanes. By default, start event is created with blank name. You can specify name for the event in the label that gets displayed under the element. Note that you must specify the name for start event. If the name is not specified, an error is displayed at the time of model deployment. For more information, please refer to the section Rules for Connecting Elements of the Working with Sequence Flows chapter.

Figure: Create Start Event

The Modeling perspective supports following types of events:

Adding End Event

You can add End Event icon from toolbar and flyout menu of activity.


Deleting Events

To delete events, hover the mouse over the event added to the swim lanes and click the Delete icon in the flyout menu.

Figure: Delete Start Event

Using Events Flyout Menu

The event flyout menu is displayed when you hover the mouse in the proximity of the event.

Figure: Start Event - Flyout Menu

Following menu options are available in the Start Event flyout menu.

Menu Icon Menu Option Description
Delete Deletes the event. This icon is available for Start Event and End Event flyout menu.
Gateway Adds a new gateway connection from the Start event.
Activity Adds a new activity connection from the Start event
Connect Adds a Sequence Flow with the event as the first endpoint. You can create only one connection from a start event. If you try to establish more than one connection, a validation message is displayed.

Viewing and Editing Properties of Start Event

General Properties

To view and modify properties of Start Event, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the Start Event in the swim lane. The properties window is displayed at the top right corner of the swim lane.

    Figure: Start Event - General Properties

  2. Specify the properties:

Viewing and Editing Properties of End Event

Figure: End Event - Properties


This option is available only when you switch to Integrator profile. However, note that for the end event implementation is not yet available.

Comments - End Event

To add comments for events, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Comments icon displayed at the top right corner of the swim lane

    Figure: Start Event - Comment Icon

  2. Add comment in the text box and click Submit. The newest comment gets displayed at the top of the table.

    Figure: End Event - Comment

  3. To delete the comment, select the comment and click the Delete icon. The user, who has submitted the comment, only that user can delete the comment. If the other user selects the comment or no comment is selected, the Delete icon remains in disabled state.