Upgrading Models

Whenever you upload a model in the Modeling perspective, a model version is checked. If the model version is older than 9.0, then you are prompted to upgrade the model to the current version.

Whenever the Modeling perspective loads, the message is displayed if one or more models are out of date.

Figure: Prompt - Out of Date Models

Note that the above message is displayed only for some seconds.

The model icon in the My Process Models panel displays the green up arrow for the models that are out of date.

To upgrade the individual model, in the My Process Models panel, right-click the model name and select the Upgrade Model option.

Figure: Upgrade Models

Click Yes in the confirmation message dialog to upgrade the individual model.

Also, once you upload a model of older version to the Modeling perspective, the Upgrade All Models icon in the toolbar of the My Process Models panel becomes enabled.

Click the Upgrade All Models icon to upgrade more than one model.

Figure: Upgrade All Models

Once the model is upgraded to 9.0 version, following changes take place in the model.