Working with Activities

When you create a new activity in the Modeling perspective, by default, it creates a User task. You can create the following types of activities in the Modeling perspective:

You can perform the following operations on activities:

Adding Activities

You can add activities using four different ways:


By default, the Manual task is created.



For more information on activity connection, please refer to the section Rules for Connecting Elements.

Renaming Activities

To rename activities, perform the following steps:

  1. Double-click activity name in the swim lanes
  2. Specify the new name

Rename can be performed in the property panel of the element and by double-clicking element in the Process Diagram canvas.

Deleting Activities

To delete activities, perform the following steps:

  1. Hover the mouse in the proximity of the activity
  2. Click the Delete icon in the flyout menu of the activity

    Figure: Delete Activity - Flyout Menu

Viewing Tooltip Text of Application Activity and Subprocess

To view the tooltip text of application activity, hover the mouse over the icon of application activity added in the process diagram canvas. If the description is added, then it is displayed in the tooltip.

Figure: Application Activity - Tooltip

Also, if you click the application activity icon, the application view of that application is displayed.

Similarly, you can view the name and description of the subprocess in tooltip, if provided.

Figure: Subprocess - Tooltip

If you click the subprocess activity icon, the process diagram canvas of referenced process is displayed.

Using Activity Flyout Menu

The activity flyout menu is displayed when you hover the mouse in the proximity of the activity.

Figure: Activity - Flyout Menu

Following menu options are available in the activity flyout menu.

Menu Icon Menu Option Description
Delete Deletes the activity.
Connect Starts a sequence flow or data flow with the activity as the first anchor point. Click the icon and connect it to another element.
New Activity Adds a new Manual task connected from the existing activity. Click the new activity icon and drop it on the swim lane.
New Gateway Adds a new gateway connection to the activity. Click the new gateway connection and drop it between the activities.
New End Event Adds a new end event to the activity. Click the new end event icon and drop it on the swim lane.
New Intermediate Event Adds a new intermediate event. Click the new intermediate event icon and drop it on the activity or between the activities.

Adding Comments

To add comments for activities, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Comments icon.

    Figure: Activity - Comment Icon

  2. Add comment in the text box and click Submit

    Figure: Activity - Add Comment

  3. To delete the comment, select the comment and click the Delete icon. The newest comment gets displayed at the top of the table. The user, who has submitted the comment, only that user can delete the comment. If the other user selects the comment or no comment is selected, the Delete icon remains in disabled state.