Using Annotations

Annotations are used as multiple-line textual and informative comments attached to the model element(s). An element can be annotated using different text pieces in different diagrams. There are no limitations concerning the number of annotations referring to one model element (neither per diagram nor per model). Annotations can refer to all model elements including transitions and connections. This chapter covers the following:

Creating an Annotation

To create an annotation, perform the following steps:

  1. In the toolbar, click the Create Annotations icon
  2. Create Annotation
    Figure: Create an Annotation

  3. Drop it near the element in the process diagram canvas to which you want to associate an annotation
  4. Create Annotation
    Figure: Drop Annotation on the Element

  5. Double-click on the annotation symbol to specify the annotation text
  6. Create Annotation
    Figure: Specify Annotation

Using Annotation Flyout Menu

To view the annotation flyout menu, hover the mouse in the proximity of the annotation symbol added in the process diagram canvas.

To delete the annotation, click the Delete icon. The annotation gets deleted.

Create Annotation
Figure: Annotation Flyout Menu - Delete Icon

Viewing and Editing Annotation Properties

To edit and view the properties of the annotation, click the annotation symbol in the process diagram canvas. The properties window is displayed in the top-right corner of the swim lane.

Create Annotation
Figure: Annotation Properties

You can specify annotation text in the Content text box.