Setting Authorization in Model Element Properties

The Modeling perspective provides an Authorization property panel for the following model elements:

Please refer to chapter Declarative Security in our Concepts Declarative Security in our Concepts section for details on the scope and impact of the different model element permissions.

You can open the Authorization property panel for the above mentioned elements by clicking the Authorization tab icon .

The Authorization property panel provides a Permissions and a Participant Selector section, where you can assign or disassociate participants to and from permissions.


The Permissions section provides an overview over the available permissions for the opened model element and the assigned participants.

Permissions tree
Figure: Permissions tree

For details on permissions for the specific model elements, please refer to

Removing a Participant from a Permission

To remove a participant from a permission, click the Remove Participant icon Remove Participant on the right side of the according participant node.

Removing a participant
Figure: Removing a participant from a permission node

Note that the Meta-Role All cannot be removed.

Selecting Participants

The Participants Selector sections provides a list with all available participants and a toolbar for adding them to permissions and restoring the default settings.

Participants Selector
Figure: Participants Selector section

Adding selected Participants to Permissions

To assign one or more participant to a permission:

  1. Select the permission in the Permissions tree
  2. Select the particpant(s) in the Participants tree. Use Ctrl+Click to select multiple participants.
  3. Click the Add Selected button

Add Selected
Figure: Add selected participants

You can now see the selected participants added to the selected permission in the Permissions tree.

Added participants
Figure: Added participants in Permissions tree

Adding all Participants

To add a specific permission to all participants, select this permission in the Permissions tree and click Add All button in the toolbar.

Add All
Figure: Adding all participants

The selected permission node now has the Meta-Role All entry. All specific participants under this node have been removed as they are comprised in the All entry.

Figure: Added Meta-Role All

Adding the Owner of an Activity

In the participant selector for activities you find an additional button to add the owner to a permission. The owner is the participant associated with the activity. To add the owner to a specific permission, select the permission and click Add Owner.

Add Owner
Figure: Add Owner

You can now see the Owner role added to the selected permission in the Permissions tree.

Added Owner
Figure: Added Owner

Restoring the default Permissions

If you like to restore the default permission settings, click the Restore Defaults button in the toolbar.

Restore Defaults
Figure: Restore Defaults