The Modeling perspective uses the Business Process Model and Notation 2.0 (BPMN) standards. Business analysts and integrators can use it to create intuitive business process workflows in Web-based environment. The business process diagrams are supported using various elements. Such as swim lanes, activities, gateways, data objects etc. These elements of a business process are provided as graphically represented building blocks. The role of a modeler is to put them together in a workflow diagram. Each building block is described by an element-specific set of properties and its relationships or connection to other elements of the process model. Both must be specified by modeler at build time. You can not only create or import models in Modeling perspective but also deploy models in it. Once deployed, you can start processes and work with activities and workitems in the Infinity Process Platform Portal.

The following browsers are supported for Web-based modeling:

Refer to the Infinity Release Notes Release Notes in the Infinity Process Platform Documentation for the Firefox and Chrome browser versions currently supported by Infinity.

For information about how to install Infinity Process Platform, please refer to the Installation Guide. Installation Guide in the Infinity Process Platform Documentation.

Training Video

Section Modeling of the following Stardust Wiki page provides a self-learning training video, which demonstrates how to use the Modeler:

Note that this video is created in an earlier Infinity version than the current. Some functionality or design might have changed meanwhile.