Event Processing and Client Push

Event processing and Client Push covers the following requirements

like indicated in the following diagram


FIX and SWIFT Connectivity

FIX connectivity can be established via the QuickFIX/J Camel Component. For details how to use this component within IPP see here.

Message Normalization

Message Transformation applications in IPP can be used for message normalization. For details on message transformation applications please refer to chapter Message Transformation Application in the Business Process Modeling Handbook.

Correlation of Messages

Using Camel Aggregators

Messages can be correlated with a Camel Aggregator in a Camel Trigger for IPP:

   <to uri="..."/>

You may specify

Golden Copy Creation

After all messages are aggregated, Java or Rules-based business logic can be provided to identify a golden copy of the messages.

Client Push

Camel Websocket Component

Client push functionality can be achieved by using a Web Socket Endpoint in a IPP Camel Application type, e.g.