At the heart of a Infinity Process Platform run-time environment is the presence of an Audit Trail Database. Whether your run-time environment executes in an application server or in local mode, the environment requires the setup of the Audit Trail database and deployment of the Infinity Process Platform model(s) to the audit trail database. This database component defines a schema that consists of the model information which is accessed through a JDBC 2.0 compliant data source, and allows storing the runtime information during process execution.

The following pages guide you through the setup and creation of the Audit Trail database on the supported database servers.

Supported Database Servers

The following database servers are currently supported by Infinity Process Platform. Due to strict JDBC compliance, additional database servers may be supported. Please contact the Infinity Process Platform support team for information regarding the support for additional database systems.

Please refer to the section Supported Database Servers of the Release Notes for detailed information on the appropriate versions supported by Infinity Process Platform.