Proxy Lock Table Administration

This section addresses the administration of proxy lock tables within the Infinity Process Platform audit trail database.


The following sections assume that a baseline Infinity Process Platform audit trail database has been created on the desired database platform and that you are familiar with the execution of the System Console utility and the execution of DDL/DML scripts within the database platform.

Lock Table Creation

For various performance reasons and to avoid contingency on the Infinity Process Platform database tables, the creation of proxy locking tables can be performed. If proxy locking tables are desired, the following commands are executed to create the tables in the already existing Infinity Process Platform audit trail database. The below commands require the use of the Infinity Process Platform system operator password which may be different than the 'password' utilized to login to the database.

sysconsole -v -r <jdbcDriver> -dbtype <dbType> -l <dbURL> -d <user> -s <password> -p <sysopPassword> auditTrail -enableLockTables

Lock Table Deletion

The proxy lock tables can be deleted from the audit trail database using the following command:

sysconsole -v -r <jdbcDriver> -dbtype <dbType> -l <dbURL> -d <user> -s <password> -p <sysopPassword> auditTrail -dropLockTables

Lock Table Verification

The command

sysconsole -r <jdbcDriver> -dbtype <dbType> -l <dbURL> -d <user> -s <password> -p <sysopPassword> auditTrail  -verifyLockTables

verifies the existence of all required lock tables as well as the completeness of proxy rows with regard to the existing rows in the associated original tables. If any inconsistency is found an error message is produced. Any inconsistency may then be fixed by applying the auditTrail -enableLockTables command.

Additional Arguments

The following arguments can be utilized to alter the creation/deletion of the proxy locking tables


indicates that the lock tables are already created, their creation will be skipped.

With the option


the synchronization of lock tables with the associated original tables will be skipped.

If you do not have privileges to create the tables directly in the database or desire to create a SQL script file, the DDL/DML to execute can be created in a file using the following argument:

-sql <ddlDMLfileName>

The file <ddlDMLfileName> created from the above command can then be executed from the database command prompt by a user with sufficient privileges.

Infinity Process Platform Properties

The use of the proxy locking tables must be configured within the Infinity Process Platform properties file. The properties file is located in your Infinity Process Platform installation based on the deployment option chosen. The property is configured as follows:

AuditTrail.UseLockTables = false/true

More information on tuning can be found at Tuning For Concurrency

More information on the System Console utility can be found at Sysconsole