Delegating Worklist Items

In some cases it might be necessary to delegate an activity to another user, user group or department. Delegation can be performed on activities, which are in the worklist of the current user and the user has the authorization to delegate for. Please refer to the chapter Worklists for details on the worklist concept.

Activities can be delegated from the Infinity Process Platform Portal views. A dialog is provided, where you can choose the role, organization, user group or department to delegate the activity to. Please refer to chapter Delegating Activities of the Infinity Process Platform Portal guide for detailed information on this dialog.

Delegating to Conditional Performers of Kind User Group

In case an activity instance is in the worklist of a conditional performer of kind User Group, delegation is restricted to users having a grant on the user group that the conditional performer is resolved to.

For details on conditional performers refer to section Conditional Performers of chapter Participants and Users.

Delegating to Different Departments

A special case is the delegation to different departments. This is possible in case the current model participant of the activity instance in question is a scoped partition and the logged-in user has the grant "Delegate To Department" on that activity instance, which is described in section Authorization for Delegating to Other Departments.

Delegation Authorization

If a user is authorized to delegate the activity, depends on which role, organization, user group or department the user is part of and assigned to as well as the according security declaration.

The authorization settings for activities are performed during the modeling process in the property page of the activity. For detailed information on how to set security for activities, please refer to section Declarative Security.

Authorization for Delegating to Other Departments

If delegation to other departments is allowed, depends on the following security settings of the according activity:

Please refer to chapter Authorization of the Modeling Guide for detailed information on the according permissions.

Delegation to other users versus Delegation to other departments

To determine if an activity delegation succeeds with the "Delegation to other users" permission, or requires the "Delegation to other departments" permission, depends on the following cases. In case the input for delegation is:

  1. the source participant, represented by a source participant and a source department
  2. the target participant, represented by a target participant and a target department
  3. the default performer of the activity, represented by a participant

then the delegation permissions needed are: