Document Rendezvous

Document Rendezvous can be used to suspend a work process until a document or documents matching the criteria specified in the wait node rules enter the system. The work process is automatically resumed upon the receipt of the required document(s).

Common Use Cases

Document Rendezvous is a common requirement for practically all Business Processes that are initiated by or otherwise rely on documents.

Use Cases

Use cases are for example:

Business Use Case

The following workflow shows a typical Business use case scenario:

Example Use Case

The following diagrams shows a Claims Processing workflow using a Document Rendezvous activity:

Claims Processing Example
Figure: Claims Processing Example Workflow

Setting up a Route Activity for Document Rendezvous

A Document Rendezvous activity has to be set up as follows:

  1. Create a Route Activity (Task = None) for documents that are requiring rendezvous.
  2. Begin the Activity ID of the Route Activity with the term DocumentRendezvous. Do not include spaces in the ID!
  3. Mark the Activity as Hibernate Initially

    Route Activity Properties

  4. Implement the Required Documents Panel to provide an interface for checking which documents are present and which are missing. It leverages the DOCUMENT_REQUEST data and sends a request for any missing documents.
  5. Implement an email application for sending email requests for missing documents.
  6. Implement the Document Triage screen to provide an interface for rendezvousing incoming documents with existing in-flight Process Instances. Refer to chapter Document Triage for details on the Document Triage concept.

Note that Process Attachments cannot be set up for rendezvous using the above pattern. Each rendezvous document must be a specific document.