Document Triage

Efficiently sorting, tagging, and distributing incoming documents is a requirement of all implementations that utilize Infinity Document Management. The Document Triage functionality enables you to quickly have look at a document and take a decision depending on the requirement. The Portal Document Triage offers:

Common Use Cases

Common use cases are the following:

Triaging Documents in the Infinity Portal

The Document Triage screen in the Infinity Portal provides an ergonomic and efficient UI to:

Please refer to chapter Triaging Documents in the End User Handbook for details.

Example Use Cases

The following steps describe a typical use case workflow:

  1. Documents enter IPP via Scan or E-mail
  2. The Index operator opens an Index Activity (1st Manual Activity)
  3. View Document(s) and find key pieces of Data (like Member #, Last Name, etc.)
  4. Select Participant Record
  5. Enter Key Process Data
  6. Look-up Against Record Keeping System
  7. Select Participant Record
  8. Search IPP to determine if any In-flight Process is waiting for any of these documents:
  9. Start a new process instance and add Document(s)
  10. Specify Process Data for the new Process Instance 
  11. If necessary, split Documents
  12. Set a Document Type for Process Attachments
  13. Set Specific Documents
  14. Complete Activity when all documents have been triaged