Extracting Pages

The functionality to extract pages from a document added to a process instance and pass those pages to a new process that will be started.

For details on extracting pages, refer to chapter Extract Pages in the End User Handbook.

Common Use Case

Consider a scenario of an organization that often receives work via fax or regular mail containing multiple requests for a single client. These documents enter Infinity Process Platform as single multi-page TIFF documents and are attached to a single process instance.

The extracting pages functionality allows operators in the Infinity Process Platform to extract pages from these TIFF files and start a process instance for each separate request. Additionally, these process instances provide a linkage so that business units can track the separate requests as a single entity.

The workflow would be as follows:

Version Behavior of New Documents

Extracting pages creates a new document version for the target document. A version comment is automatically applied to the target document as follows:

In case Delete Pages is marked in the Extract Pages dialog for these pages, a new version of the source document is created and a version comment is automatically applied to the source document as follows: