Different Model Versions and Workflow Executions

The following scenario considers model versions and the behavior of a process in case of different workflow executions.

Consider that version 1 of the model is deployed. Start its process and suspend it for further completion. However, some elements(for example, process deletion) of the model needed changes, hence the new version of the model is deployed. Now, restart the pending activity from earlier model version. Abort this process to start a new process. The New Process dialog would display all startable processes from all Active models of current model version. It won't consider the processes from earlier model versions. So, in case a process which was present earlier when the process was suspended, that process won't be available to start since it is no longer available in current model version and got deleted in between.

In this case, the following would be the behavior in workflow execution:

So, these are the key points to remember while working with workflow executions.