Federated Document Repositories

Using federated document repositories in IPP enables you to instantiate an arbitrary number of document repositories. It makes it easy for you to access and maintain user data in multiple repositories.

Use Cases

You might use federated document repositories in the following cases:

Instantiating an arbitrary Number of Document Repositories

IPP allows to instantiate an arbitrary number of document repositories (repository instances) of the attached technologies at runtime. For example, you can have two repositories on JackRabbit and one on MongoDB.

For this configuration, it is only required to provide the according file root or URL. The changes then occur at runtime.

For example to set up an additional repository for Jackrabbit on Tomcat without required transaction integration, you simply have to add an additional bean besides the existing one in your jackrabbit-jcr-context.xml file. This bean should point to a different repository home and JNDI name. For details please refer to section Setting up additional Jackrabbit VFS Repositories of chapter Deployment in the Document Service Integration Guide.

Managing Repositories via Infinity Process Platform API

The Infinity Process Platform API provides means to manage document repositories as well as service providers to implement arbitrary repository technologies.

Managing Repositories via Document Service

The DocumentManagementService API provides functionality to manage repositories and reflect locations in the repository instance. It allows to:

For details please refer to chapter Managing Document Repositories in the Programming Guide.

Implementing arbitrary Repository Technologies

Infinity provides a repository provider to allow implementing arbitrary repository technologies Please refer to chapter Implementing a Provider for arbitrary Repository Technologies in the Programming Guide for details.

Managing Repositories in the Infinity Portal

The Infinity Portal provides means to manage arbitrary document repositories.

Managing Document Repository Resources

The Document Repository view in the Administration Perspective of the Infinity Portal provides functionality to manage your document repositories. It allows to bind and unbind repositories as well as viewing repository details and perform document operations.

Please refer to chapter Viewing and Managing Document Repository Resources of the End User Handbook for details.

If you search a document in the Document Search view of the Workflow Execution Perspective, you can restrict the search to a specific repository. This repository can be selected in a list of provided repositories. Please refer to chapter Searching for Documents of the End User Handbook for details.