Working with Java Style Data Types

Java style data types are data which use the Java type system. They differ regarding their usage and storage. The following Java style data types are provided with Infinity Process Platform :

Section Handling of Accessors describes how Java Style Data types use accessors as method path.

Handling of Accessors

Common for all data types is the handling of accessors. Access points of Java style data types always contain a property with the Java type of the access point. Based on this associated type access paths have always the form of method paths, i.e. chained getters and setters:

Getters and Setters

Getters and setters in the scope of method paths are defined somewhat different than for Java Beans:

The following example shows different IN paths:


Figure: Example IN Data Path

The following example shows different OUT paths:


Figure: Example OUT Data Path

In the Process Workbench method paths can commonly be defined with the help of a method browser where you can choose the method path from a tree view. The method browser is opened by pressing the button next to the text field in a method path control.

Figure: The Method Browser for Specifying Method Paths