Using Annotations

Annotations are used as multiple-line textual comments attached to the selected model element(s). Unlike the rest of the diagram symbols, which are meaningful elements throughout the model, annotations have their meaning principally within the context of the diagram in which they are placed. In this way a symbol can be annotated by different text pieces in different diagrams.

There are no limitations concerning the number of annotations referring to one model element (neither per diagram nor per model). Annotations can refer to all classes of model elements, including both product components as well as the relationships between them (transitions and connections).

Creating an Annotation

To create an annotation:

Create Annotation
Figure: Creating an Annotation

To link the annotation to a model element:

Connect Annotation
Figure: Connecting an Annotation

Connect Annotation
Figure: Connecting to a Model Element

Annotation text is displayed in a box and can be entered after the annotation symbol has been created. It supports copy and paste functionality conventional for the platform and leaves the decision where the return carriages should be placed to the user (no automatic reformatting).

If you want to add text as annotation to the diagram without connecting it to a symbol and not displayed in a box, just choose Annotations > Text in the diagram menu and place the text on the diagram canvas with the mouse.