Loading Models from Audit Trail

A reverse-engineering option which allows the modeler to retrieve information from the model is to load the entire model from the audit trail. This means, if the audit trail contains model versions which have been deployed to the runtime environment prior to this point, the modeler can load any of these model versions into the modeling environment again. The diagram information in the models loaded from the audit trail is not available, so you can visualize the model information using the reverse-engineering options described in Retrieving Diagrams from Model Information.

Loading a Model from the Audit Trail

To load a model from the audit trail:

Figure: Loading a Model from the Audit Trail

Retrieving Diagrams

A model loaded into the Process Workbench in this way does not have any diagrams. To visualize or edit the model information, you start with a creation of a new diagram pertaining to a selected process. Refer to Retrieving Diagrams from Model Information for information on how to use reverse engineering options to have your diagrams generated.