Specifying Applications

Activities performed within the context of a business process may have to execute application logic. This application logic is defined by a concept called application. For more details on applications and their types please refer to the chapter Applications of the Workflow Basics concepts.

This section will explain how to work with applications in the Process Workbench. In the sections System Integration and Data Integration more details on working with concrete applications can be found.

Creating Applications

An application is visualized by an icon showing a desktop window. This icon may be overlaid by symbols representing a concrete application type.

To create an application you can either:

Figure: Applications


Applications provide the following properties:

General properties

Besides name, id and description, the general properties of an application include a check box Visibility Public. If you select this check box, you can specify that applications will be imported by reference when referenced from another model. For more information, please refer to Multi Package Modeling Preferences section of chapter Setting Process Manager Preferences. By default, this check box is selected.

General Properties of an application
Figure: General Properties

For details on the generic properties, please refer to section General Properties of chapter Viewing and Editing Properties of Models and Model Elements.

Application type specific properties

Edit the application type specific properties. For a detailed description of the configuration of the Infinity Process Platform application types, see the sections System Integration and Data Integration.

Plain Java Application Properties Dialog
Figure: Plain Java Application Properties Dialog

Controlling Parameters

An application provides the following controlling properties:

Figure: Controlling Properties of an Application


In this section you can specify simulation configurations, as described detailed in the chapter Simulation Configurations of the Infinity Process Platform Simulation Guide.)

Effort Planning

In this section you can set the following Process Effort properties:

Figure: Effort Planning Properties of an Application

Please refer to the chapter Project Effort Calculation for detailed information on this functionality.

Browsing to Classes and Methods

To browse for a class or interface in an application properties dialog:

Browse to an application class
Figure: Browse for an Application Class.

To browse for a method:

Browse for a Method
Figure: Browse for a Method.

Deleting Applications

To delete an application, use the option Delete in the application's pop-up menu in a diagram. In the Outline view, use the corresponding option Delete.

To remove an application symbol from the diagram, choose the option Delete Symbol in the application's pop-up menu. After this operation the application will still be part of the model.

Working with Referenced Applications

Once the file connection is established, you can reference the application in the referencing model.

To reference the application, drag and drop the application from Outline view > External Model Information > File Connection on the diagram canvas.

Drag&drop Referred Application
Figure: Drag and Drop Referred Application

Open the Property page of the application and select Application. The list of available application gets displayed.

Referred Application - Property Page
Figure: Referred Application - Property Page

If you select the Display Imported Model Elements as Groups check box, the references of the application get displayed.

Referred Application - Display Imported Model Elements as Groups
Figure: Referred Application - Display Imported Model Elements as Groups