System Integration

System Integration

This chapter describes the possibilities to integrate your existing IT infrastructure as a process modeler.

Integrating Infinity Process Platform into an existing Infrastructure

Integrating the Infinity Process Engine into an existing IT infrastructure is mainly done by using Infinity Process Platform applications and data.

From the point of view of integration both concepts are somewhat dual. Applications concentrate on triggering behavior of the environment whereas data are used for storing and accessing state. Both concepts are strongly correlated by the way they interchange data by means of accessors. This requires a common type system provided by data types.

Once application building blocks are configured, these can be reused across different Process Models. Hence, sets of these applications can be shipped as a library specific, e.g. for a certain product connectivity needs to be provided for. These libraries can then be used at clients to address integration requirements either with other products or other systems at the client.

Although they don't have such a central position, triggers and events are also integration means. Refer to chapter Working with Triggers for details on those.

This chapter describes the usage of application types and data types shipped with Infinity Process Platform. The process engine can be extended by custom application types and data types. This is described in detail in the Programming Guide.


This section describes the integration and usage of the following data and application types:


Renaming of packages in a project, containing classes used for data or applications in a Infinity Process Platform model will reflect in all occurrences where these classes are used in the model.