The Process Workbench

This chapter serves as a user guide to model processes with the Infinity Process Workbench.

In the Infinity Process Workbench you can construct and manage workflow models. It will be used primarily by modelers and integrators. By using it they can define their company's business processes in an easy and efficient way: the elements of a business process have been provided as graphically represented building blocks. The role of a modeler is to put them together in a diagram. Each building block is described by an element-specific set of properties and its relationships or connections to other elements of the process model. Both must be specified by the modeler at build time.

For information about how to install the required Eclipse plugins and the Infinity Process Platform Workbench Feature refer to the Infinity Process Platform Installation Guide.

The Infinity Process Workbench provides you with a perspective for developers, which is described in the chapter The Process Development Perspective.