Cleaning up Models


As models become older, the changes from version to version often leave behind a lot of garbage in the form of old data objects or applications that are not used anymore. Usually they are kept, because nobody finds the time to verify if they can be deleted safely.

Why to Cleanup the Model

Although the unused elements won't crash the Eclipse, they may carry other overload like java classes, configuration data, strings and other data types associated with them. By cleaning up, you will increase the overall speed and efficiency of the model. It would also mean that you are viewing the most recent version of the model excluding the old garbage.

What happens during the Cleanup Process

The cleanup process searches for type declarations, data, participants and applications that are unused. It doesn't check if that model element has symbols or not. It verifies that every element has a reference. It also doesn't check for administrator and predefined data (It is always retained).

Example of a Model before and after the Cleanup

Step by step Cleanup Process