Administrative Functionality

Administrative tasks for a Infinity Process Platform runtime environment can be performed either with the Administration Perspective in the Infinity Portal or with the Infinity Process Platform command line tools like the Sysconsole and the Console command.

Administrative Tasks

Especially in the case of in-production scenarios where script-based performing is required, Infinity Process Platform allows to perform these tasks on the command line. Such administrative tasks include

Whereas the Infinity Process Platform Administration Perspective is a Web Application, command line tools are console applications and will be started from the command console.

The Infinity Process Platform command line tools are batch programs installed in the bin directory of your Infinity Process Platform installation. There are two console utilities provided with the file suffix .bat for the MS Windows platform and the suffix .sh for UNIX systems, respectively

For both tools help can be invoked to display a list of accepted commands and arguments.

Each tool follows the same command pattern:

> console [global-options] command [options]

One of the most important commands for first time users is help, which gives you the facility to get direct help to every command or option. The following table will give you an idea of the help functionality:

Usage Explanation
sysconsole help Help for the application
sysconsole help -s Gives a summary of all available commands
sysconsole help -o Gives a summary of all global options
sysconsole help -c [command] Help for a specific command including all options of the command,
e.g. sysconsole help -c dropschema.