Internationalizing the Process Portal

Internationalization can be achieved by providing translations of the following text elements:

Elements of the Infinity Process Platform Portal views are identified via entries in their according resource bundles. The resource bundle which is used depends on the preferred language set for your browser.

Resource Bundles

Resource bundles for languages are supplied for the Infinity Process Platform Portal. They reside in the according portal JAR files, either in the add-ons/ipp-portal/lib folder of your Infinity Process Platform installation, in case you set up your working environment as described in chapter Installing Infinity Process Platform Features, or in the lib folder of the org.eclipse.stardust.ide.wst.facet.portal_xxx plugin:

Likewise you find the following specific resource bundles in the lib folder of the com.infinity.bpm.ide.wst.facet.portal_xxx plugin:

Unzip the according portal JAR file, copy the existing resource bundles and add the according language locale to the name (e.g. "_de"). E.g. for adapting messages displayed in the Control Center perspective, do the following:

  1. Unzip the ipp-business-control-center.jar file.
  2. Copy the file and rename the copy to, whereby locale is the locale for the language you like to use. (Translated resource bundles are already provided for Chinese and German.)
  3. Edit the and translate the entries accordingly.
  4. Save the resource bundle and add it to the ipp-business-control-center.jar file.

Determine the locale to use for your Infinity Process Platform Portal by setting the preferred language used for your browser.

Retrieving predefined Resource Bundles as JAR from the Artifactory

The Infinity Process Platform artifactory provides a stardust-product-nls.jar file, which contains all available specific languages bundles for the different components. You can download this file from the following location:

To retrieve Japanese translations, download file ipp-product-nls.jar from the following location:

You can modify all containing property files and add these either as a new JAR file to the WEB-INF/lib folder of your Web project if you like to overwrite an existing language. To make sure the edited jar file takes precedence over other Portal jars, rename it to start with an "a", e.g. a-stardust-product-nls.jar.

Using Languages with Multibyte Character Sets

In case you like to display your Infinity Process Platform Portal in a language using multibyte character sets, like Chinese or Japanese, you have to perform some additional steps.

For example in case you like the Portal to be displayed in Chinese language code, perform the following steps:

  1. Unzip the files from your according portal JAR file.
  2. Translate the properties from the file to Chinese and add them to a new properties file called
  3. Execute the following command:
    native2ascii -encoding gb2312