Querying for Worklist Users

The UserQuery class provides methods to retrieve workflow users matching specific criteria.

Retrieving all Users having a certain Role belonging to a certain Organization or Department

The following example shows how to retrieve all users in a workflow with a certain role belonging to a specific organization or department.

Note that this example gets the ServiceFactory from the SessionContext (usage in a JSF backing bean). Outside the session the runtime ServiceFactoryLocator should be used.

import org.eclipse.stardust.ui.web.viewscommon.beans.SessionContext;
import org.eclipse.stardust.engine.api.model.ParticipantInfo;
import org.eclipse.stardust.engine.api.query.ParticipantAssociationFilter;
import org.eclipse.stardust.engine.api.query.UserQuery;
import org.eclipse.stardust.engine.api.query.Users;
import org.eclipse.stardust.engine.api.runtime.QueryService;
public static Users getUserListForParticipant(String participantId){
  SessionContext sessionContext = SessionContext.findSessionContext();
  QueryService qsService = sessionContext.getServiceFactory().getQueryService();
  ParticipantInfo pInfo = qsService.getParticipant(participantId);
  UserQuery query = new UserQuery();
  Users users = qsService.getAllUsers(query);
  return users;

For details on the API used in the code refer to the according Javadoc: