Package org.eclipse.stardust.common.error

Class Summary
ErrorCase Object to define an error.

Exception Summary
AccessForbiddenException Thrown when the performing user is not valid or if he doesn't have the neccessary permissions.
ApplicationException Generic base exception.
ConcurrencyException Thrown whenever the workflow engine detects concurrency problems with workflow enactment.
InvalidArgumentException Thrown to indicate that a method has been passed an illegal or inappropriate argument.
InvalidValueException Thrown if a write operation to workflow data fails as of an invalid input value.
LoginFailedException This exception is thrown by the authentication framework due to various exceptions.
ObjectNotFoundException Thrown when an object was not found.
PublicException Base exception class for all exceptions that should be viewable by the client
ServiceCommandException Thrown if the execution of a service command failed.
ValidationException Thrown to indicate that validation of a model element has failed.
WorkflowException This class is used to wrap PublicException and ResourceException instances when engine services are called in EJB context.

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