Package org.eclipse.stardust.engine.api.dto

Interface Summary
ActivityInstanceAttributes This class contains attributes for an activity instance.
HistoricalState The HistoricalState represents a snapshot of the historic states of an activity instance.
ProcessInstanceAttributes This class contains attributes for a process instance.
QualityAssuranceInfo Class containing information considering the qa workflow
QualityAssuranceResult Represents the result of a quality assurance instance resolution

Class Summary
ActivityInstanceAttributesImpl Default implementation for ActivityInstanceAttributes

Many methods of the CARNOT EJBs return detail objects.

ProcessInstanceDetailsLevel Represents the level of detail for a ProcessInstance.
QualityAssuranceAdminServiceFacade Client side class for decorating the AdministrationService, specific to the quality control feature
QualityAssuranceResultImpl Default implementation for QualityAssuranceResult

Enum Summary
ProcessDefinitionDetailsLevel Represents the level of detail in which the ProcessDefinition object is initialized.
ProcessInstanceDetailsOptions Represents options of detail for a ProcessInstance.

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