Package org.eclipse.stardust.engine.api.runtime

Interface Summary
ActivityCompletionLog Provides extended information in result of non-trivial activity completion.
ActivityInstance The ActivityInstance represents a snapshot of the execution state of an activity instance.
AdministrationService Provides administration services for the CARNOT runtime environment.
ArtifactType Defines the type of an artifact.
Daemon The Daemon class represents a snapshot of a Carnot workflow daemon.
DataValueConverter User provided class that allows custom conversion of data values during process spawning.
DeployedModel A client view of a Model, which includes deployment information.
DeployedModelDescription The DeployedModelDescription class provides deployment information for a workflow model.
DeployedRuntimeArtifact A deployed runtime artifact is including a unique oid.
DeploymentInfo The DeploymentInfo class is used to receive information about a deployment operation.
Document The Document interface represents an existing JCR document.
DocumentInfo The DocumentInfo keeps information common to both existing and not yet existing JCR documents.
DocumentManagementService The DocumentManagementService provides all functionality for DMS operations in a CARNOT runtime environment.
EventActionBinding Client view of the binding state of an event action.
EventHandlerBinding Client view of the binding state of an event handler.
Folder The Folder interface represents an existing JCR folder.
FolderInfo The FolderInfo keeps information common to both existing and not yet existing JCR folders.
Grant The Grant class represents a permission granted to a user to perform as a specific model participant (role or organization) of a model.
HistoricalEvent The HistoricalEvent represents a single event which was recorded during lifetime of an ActivityInstance or ProcessInstance.
HistoricalEventDescription Description object for an historical event.
HistoricalEventDescriptionDelegation Description object for a delegation event.
HistoricalEventDescriptionStateChange Description object for a state change event.
ImplementationDescription The ImplementationDescription provides information concerning a specific implementation of a Process Interface.
LogEntry The LogEntry class provides information about the various messages the Carnot engine is logging into AuditTrail.
Mail A lightweight representation of a mail message.
ModelReconfigurationInfo The ModelReconfigurationInfo class is used to receive information about a model reconfiguration operation.
ProcessInstance The ProcessInstance represents a snapshot of the execution state of an process instance.
ProcessInstanceLinkType Specifies the type of link that associates one process instance to another.
QueryService to set SessionProperties.DS_NAME_READ_ONLY used in DataValueBean
ReconfigurationInfo The ReconfigurationInfo class is used to receive information about a reconfiguration operation.
RepositoryMigrationJobInfo Holds information about a repository migration job.
RepositoryMigrationReport Reports information about the last migration batch and the migration jobs in general.
Resource The Resource interface keeps information exising JCR resource (document or folder).
ResourceBundle This serializable object contains resources in form of a map and its related locale.
ResourceInfo The ResourceInfo interface keeps information common to both existing and not yet existing JCR resources (document or folder).
RuntimeEnvironmentInfo The RuntimeEnvironmentInfo represents a snapshot about information for the runtime environment.
RuntimeObject The RuntimeObject class is the base class for all snapshots of runtime objects.
RuntimePermissions RuntimePermissions present permissions that are changeable at runtime.
ServiceFactory The ServiceFactory is the central point to retrieve CARNOT services.
TransitionReport Class holding the results of an ad hoc transition.
User The User represents a snapshot of the user state.
UserGroup A client side view of an user group participant defined at runtime.
UserGroupInfo A client side view of an user group participant defined at runtime with base information only.
UserInfo The UserInfo represents a snapshot of the user's base information.
UserRealm Provides a client view on user realms.
UserService The UserService provides functionality for operating on CARNOT users.
WorkflowService The WorkflowService provides all functionality for workflow operations in a CARNOT runtime environment.

Class Summary
AcknowledgementState Represents the state of an acknowledgement request to a daemon.
ActivityInstanceState A representation of the state of an activity instance.
AuditTrailHealthReport Provides key indicators of audit trail health.
BpmRuntimeError Defines constants for parameterized error codes with messages prepared for I18N.
DaemonExecutionState Represents the execution state of a daemon.
DataCopyOptions Options class that specifies how the data should be copied between two process instances.
DeploymentElement Container for the raw deployment data, i.e. the content of the model file.
DeploymentOptions Container class for the deployment options.
DeputyOptions Container class for the deputy description options.
DmsUtils Utility class for operating DocumentManagementService
Documents Result of an DocumentQuery execution.
HistoricalEventType Wrapper class for the historical event types.
LogCode Wrapper class for LogEntry codes.
LogType Wrapper class for the log entry types.
Models Result of an DeployedModelQuery execution.
PermissionState A representation of the state of a permission.
ProcessInstancePriority A representation of the priority of an process instance.
ProcessInstanceState A representation of the state of an process instance.
QualityAssuranceUtils Utility class for Quality Assurance
RuntimeArtifact An artifact which can be deployed and is valid from a specified date at runtime.
RuntimeArtifactInfo Abstract base type containing common fields for runtime artifacts.
Scope The Scope for a Permission.
ServiceFactoryLocator Provides an abstraction to retrieve ServiceFactory instances in plain Java or client container environments.
SpawnOptions Container class for options that controls how the spawning operation has to be performed.
SubprocessSpawnInfo Contains information needed to spawn a process instance.
TransitionInfo Base class containing common information of transition steps and targets.
TransitionOptions Specifies options for searching possible targets for relocation transitions.
TransitionStep Descriptor of a transition step.
TransitionTarget Descriptor of a transition target.

Enum Summary
QualityAssuranceUtils.QualityAssuranceState Describes the state an activity instance is in - regarding quality assurance
ScanDirection Specifies the direction to search potential target activities from an activity instance for relocation.
SpawnOptions.SpawnMode Specifies what action to take with the originating process instance.

Exception Summary
BindingException Thrown in case of semantic binding errors during binding/unbinding event handler to activity or process instances.
DepartmentExistsException Thrown to indicate that a department with same id already exists.
DeploymentException Thrown if an exception occured during deployment.
IllegalOperationException Thrown when an operation is illegal in the current context.
IllegalStateChangeException Thrown when an activity instance is required to perform an illegal state change (i.e.
ServiceNotAvailableException Thrown if the (remote) service could not be reached.
UserExistsException Thrown if another user with the specified account already exists.
UserGroupExistsException Thrown if another user group with the specified id already exists.
UserRealmExistsException Thrown if another user realm with the specified id already exists.

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