Package org.eclipse.stardust.engine.core.spi.dms

Interface Summary
IRepositoryCapabilities Represents the capabilities of a repository.
IRepositoryConfiguration Represents a repository configuration.
IRepositoryInstance Represents a repository instance which was initialized by a IRepositoryProvider.
IRepositoryInstanceInfo Contains information about the IRepositoryInstance which are relevant to a client.
IRepositoryProvider This SPI allows to implement IRepositoryProvider which provides an access layer for arbitrary repository technologies.
IRepositoryProvider.Factory Factory for IRepositoryProvider.
IRepositoryProviderInfo Provides information about a IRepositoryProvider.
IRepositoryService The IRepositoryService provides all functionality for document management operations.

Class Summary
RepositoryAuditTrailUtils This utility allows to store, retrieve and delete Document and Folder beans as ClobDataBean in the AuditTrail using a json format.
RepositoryConstants Contains constants that are used by all repositories.
RepositoryIdUtils Utility to handle the repositoryId prefix of Resource.getId() and Resource.getId().
RepositoryResourceUtils Factory that should be used to create Document and Folder instances.

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