Interface Summary
CredentialDeliveryStrategy The CredentialDeliveryStrategy SPI provides an interface to implement a custom strategy for delivering information that is required to reset a user password to the user itself.
ExternalLoginProvider Contract for providing login-based authentication services.
LoginProvider Deprecated. Use ExternalLoginProvider instead.
PrincipalValidator An SPI allowing to validate the given principal.

Class Summary
AlwaysValidPrincipalValidator The default principal validator, which always returns true, even for principals being null.
DynamicParticipantSynchronizationProvider Contract for providing access to external user repositories.
DynamicParticipantSynchronizationStrategy The DynamicParticipantSynchronizationStrategy is used to determine if a given user or user group needs to be synchronized with an external.
ExternalLoginResult Data value object wrapping the result of an authentication request.
LoginResult Data value object wrapping the result of an authentication request.
TimebasedSynchronizationStrategy Concrete implementation of the DynamicParticipantSynchronizationStrategy based on the time lapsed since the last synchronization.

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