Interface Summary
IAdministrationService Provides administration services for the CARNOT runtime environment.
IDocumentManagementService The DocumentManagementService provides all functionality for DMS operations in a CARNOT runtime environment.
IQueryService Provides information services for the CARNOT runtime environment.
IUserService The UserService provides functionality for operating on CARNOT users.
IWorkflowService The WorkflowService provides all functionality for workflow operations in a CARNOT runtime environment.

Class Summary
AccessControlEntriesXto Java class for AccessControlEntries complex type.
AccessControlEntryXto An access control entry consists of a principal that is associated with privileges.
AccessControlPoliciesXto Java class for AccessControlPolicies complex type.
AccessControlPolicyXto An access control policy consists of access control entries.
AccessPointsXto Java class for AccessPoints complex type.
AccessPointXto An AccessPoint is a modelling element where an Application provides access to it's data.
ActivityDefinitionXto The client view of a workflow activity.
ActivityDefinitionXto.InteractionContextsXto Java class for anonymous complex type.
ActivityEventBindingXto Java class for ActivityEventBinding complex type.
ActivityInstanceAttributesXto This class contains attributes for an activity instance.
ActivityInstancesXto Java class for ActivityInstances complex type.
ActivityInstanceXto The ActivityInstance represents a snapshot of the execution state of an activity instance.
ActivityQueryResultXto Result of an ActivityQuery execution.
ApplicationXto The client view of a workflow application.
ArtifactTypeXto Defines the type of an artifact.
Attributes2Xto Java class for Attributes2 complex type.
AttributesXto Java class for Attributes complex type.
AttributeXto Contains custom attributes as name value pairs with additional type information.
AuditTrailHealthReportXto Provides key indicators of audit trail health.
BenchmarkResultXto Java class for BenchmarkResult complex type.
BindActionDefinitionsXto Contains all the bind actions registered on the event handler.
BpmFaultXto Java class for BpmFault complex type.
BusinessObjectDefinitionsXto Java class for BusinessObjectDefinitions complex type.
BusinessObjectDefinitionXto Java class for BusinessObjectDefinition complex type.
BusinessObjectsXto Java class for BusinessObjects complex type.
BusinessObjectValuesXto Java class for BusinessObjectValues complex type.
BusinessObjectValueXto Java class for BusinessObjectValue complex type.
BusinessObjectXto Java class for BusinessObject complex type.
ConditionalPerformerInfoXto Contains only important core information needed to identify a conditional performer.
ConfigurationVariablesListXto Java class for ConfigurationVariablesList complex type.
ConfigurationVariablesXto Holds a List of ConfigurationVariables belonging to a specific modelId Java class for ConfigurationVariables complex type.
ConfigurationVariableXto Stores the changeable value of configuration-variable and also exposes non-changeable information like name, defaultValue, description Java class for ConfigurationVariable complex type.
DaemonParametersXto Java class for DaemonParameters complex type.
DaemonParameterXto Java class for DaemonParameter complex type.
DaemonsXto Java class for Daemons complex type.
DaemonXto The Daemon represents a snapshot of a workflow daemon.
DataFlowsXto Java class for DataFlows complex type.
DataFlowXto The DataFlow defines the mapping between an activity and a data.
DataPathsXto Java class for DataPaths complex type.
DataPathXto The DataPath provides read or write access to the workflow data.
DefaultParticipantXto Used as a place holder when needing to specify the default participant.
DepartmentInfoXto Contains only important core information used to identify a department.
DepartmentsXto Java class for Departments complex type.
DepartmentXto The Department represents a snapshot of the department state.
DeployedModelDescriptionXto The DeployedModelDescription class provides deployment information for a workflow model.
DeployedRuntimeArtifactQueryResultXto Result of an DeployedRuntimeArtifactQuery execution.
DeployedRuntimeArtifactQueryResultXto.DeployedRuntimeArtifactsXto Java class for anonymous complex type.
DeployedRuntimeArtifactXto A deployed runtime artifact is including a unique oid.
DeploymentInfoXto The DeploymentInfo is used to receive information about a deployment operation.
DeploymentInfoXto.ErrorsXto Java class for anonymous complex type.
DeploymentInfoXto.WarningsXto Java class for anonymous complex type.
DeputiesXto Java class for Deputies complex type.
DeputyOptionsXto Java class for DeputyOptions complex type.
DeputyXto Java class for Deputy complex type.
DocumentInfoXto Holds basic information of a document.
DocumentQueryResultXto Result of an DocumentQuery execution.
DocumentQueryXto The DocumentQuery is a simple query to find documents using either a name pattern or a XPath query.
DocumentsXto Java class for Documents complex type.
DocumentTypeResultsXto Java class for DocumentTypeResults complex type.
DocumentTypeResultsXto.DocumentTypeResultXto Java class for anonymous complex type.
DocumentTypesXto List of document type.
DocumentTypeXto The document type describes the structure of the documents meta data.
DocumentVersionInfoXto Holds basic information of a document version.
DocumentXto Represents the state of a Document.
DocumentXto.VersionLabelsXto Java class for anonymous complex type.
DynamicParticipantInfoXto Contains only important core information of a dynamic participant that is needed to identify a DynamicParticipant.
EventActionDefinitionsXto Contains all the event actions registered on the event handler.
EventActionDefinitionXto A client side view of a workflow event action.
EventActionTypeDefinitionXto Java class for EventActionTypeDefinition complex type.
EventBindingBaseXto Java class for EventBindingBase complex type.
EventHandlerDefinitionsXto Java class for EventHandlerDefinitions complex type.
EventHandlerDefinitionXto A client side view of a workflow event handler.
EventHandlerTypeDefinitionXto Java class for EventHandlerTypeDefinition complex type.
ExternalReferenceXto Type declaration containing embedded schema.
FolderInfoXto Holds basic information for a document.
FolderQueryXto The FolderQuery is a simple query to find folders using either a name pattern or a XPath query.
FoldersXto Java class for Folders complex type.
FolderXto Represents the state of a folder.
FormalParametersXto Java class for FormalParameters complex type.
FormalParameterXto Java class for FormalParameter complex type.
GrantsXto Java class for Grants complex type.
GrantsXto.GrantXto The 'grant' represents a permission granted to a user to perform as a specific participant (role or organization) of a model.
HistoricalEventDetailsXto Contains details about the historical event.
HistoricalEventsXto Java class for HistoricalEvents complex type.
HistoricalEventXto The HistoricalEvent represents a single event which was recorded during lifetime of a process or activity instance.
HistoricalStatesXto Java class for HistoricalStates complex type.
HistoricalStateXto The HistoricalState represents a snapshot of the historic states of an activity instance.
ImplementationDescriptionXto The ImplementationDescription provides information concerning a specific implementation of a Process Interface.
ImplementationProcessesMapEntryXto Java class for ImplementationProcessesMapEntry complex type.
ImplementationProcessesMapXto Java class for ImplementationProcessesMap complex type.
InconsistencyXto The Inconsistency provides information about a model inconsistency.
InputDocumentsXto Java class for InputDocuments complex type.
InputDocumentXto The InputDocument is used to specify a non existing document including content and targetFolder.
InstancePropertiesXto Contains descriptors.
InteractionContextXto The InteractionContext represents the execution context of an activity.
ItemXto Java class for Item complex type.
LogEntriesXto Java class for LogEntries complex type.
LogEntryQueryResultXto Result of an LogEntryQuery execution.
LogEntryXto The LogEntry provides information about the various messages the engine is logging into AuditTrail.
MapXto Java class for Map complex type.
ModelDescriptionsXto Java class for ModelDescriptions complex type.
ModelDescriptionXto Provides deployment information for a workflow model.
ModelElementXto Abstract element containing base data for all model elements Java class for ModelElement complex type.
ModelParticipantInfosXto Java class for ModelParticipantInfos complex type.
ModelParticipantInfoXto Contains only important core information of a model participant that is needed to identify a ModelParticipant.
ModelParticipantXto A client side view of a workflow participant defined in a workflow model.
ModelReconfigurationInfoListXto Java class for ModelReconfigurationInfoList complex type.
ModelReconfigurationInfoXto The ModelReconfigurationInfo class is used to receive information about a model reconfiguration operation.
ModelsQueryResultXto Result of an DeployedModelQuery execution.
ModelsXto Result of an DeployedModelQuery execution.
ModelXto A client side view of a workflow model.
ModelXto.GlobalVariablesXto Java class for anonymous complex type.
ModelXto.ProcessesXto Java class for anonymous complex type.
NoteXto Represents a note including creation time and creating user.
OidListXto Java class for OidList complex type.
OrganizationInfoXto Contains only important core information needed to identify a organization.
OrganizationsXto Java class for Organizations complex type.
OrganizationXto A client view of a workflow organizational unit.
ParameterMappingsXto Java class for ParameterMappings complex type.
ParameterMappingXto The ParameterMapping represents a mapping between a trigger access point and a workflow data.
ParametersXto Java class for Parameters complex type.
ParameterXto The Parameter is a representation for different types of data values.
ParticipantInfoBaseXto Java class for ParticipantInfoBase complex type.
ParticipantInfoXto Contains only important core information used to identify a participant.
ParticipantsXto Java class for Participants complex type.
ParticipantXto The Participant contains a role, organization or user.
PasswordRulesXto Represents rules that apply to passwords.
PermissionScopeXto The scope of a permission can be either model, process or activity.
PermissionStatesXto Java class for PermissionStates complex type.
PermissionStatesXto.PermissionStateXto A representation of the state of a permission.
PermissionsXto Java class for Permissions complex type.
PermissionsXto.PermissionXto Represents a permission that is granted by using the declarative security aspect of the workflow engine.
PreferenceEntryXto n.a.
PreferenceEntryXto.ValueListXto Java class for anonymous complex type.
PreferencesListXto Java class for PreferencesList complex type.
PreferencesMapXto Java class for PreferencesMap complex type.
PreferencesXto none yet Java class for Preferences complex type.
PrivilegesXto Java class for Privileges complex type.
ProcessDefinitionQueryResultXto Result of an ProcessDefinitionQuery execution.
ProcessDefinitionsXto Java class for ProcessDefinitions complex type.
ProcessDefinitionXto The client view of a workflow process.
ProcessDefinitionXto.ActivitiesXto Java class for anonymous complex type.
ProcessEventBindingXto Java class for ProcessEventBinding complex type.
ProcessInstanceDetailsOptionsXto Java class for ProcessInstanceDetailsOptions complex type.
ProcessInstanceLinksXto Java class for ProcessInstanceLinks complex type.
ProcessInstanceLinkTypeXto Java class for ProcessInstanceLinkType complex type.
ProcessInstanceLinkXto Java class for ProcessInstanceLink complex type.
ProcessInstanceQueryResultXto Result of an ProcessQuery execution.
ProcessInstancesXto Java class for ProcessInstances complex type.
ProcessInstanceXto The ProcessInstance represents a snapshot of the execution state of an process instance.
ProcessInterfaceXto Interface used to separate a process definition from its interface.
ProcessSpawnInfosXto Java class for ProcessSpawnInfos complex type.
ProcessSpawnInfoXto Java class for ProcessSpawnInfo complex type.
PropertiesXto Java class for Properties complex type.
QualityAssuranceCodeXto Class representing an quality assurance error code Java class for QualityAssuranceCode complex type.
QualityAssuranceInfoXto Class containing information considering the qa workflow Java class for QualityAssuranceInfo complex type.
QualityAssuranceResultXto Represents the result of a quality assurance instance resolution Java class for QualityAssuranceResult complex type.
QueryResultXto Result of a Query execution.
RepositoryCapabilitiesXto Java class for RepositoryCapabilities complex type.
RepositoryConfigurationXto Represents a repository configuration.
RepositoryInstanceInfosXto Java class for RepositoryInstanceInfos complex type.
RepositoryInstanceInfoXto Contains information about the repository instance which are relevant to a client.
RepositoryMigrationJobInfoXto Java class for RepositoryMigrationJobInfo complex type.
RepositoryMigrationReportXto Reports information about the last migration batch and the migration jobs in general.
RepositoryProviderInfosXto Java class for RepositoryProviderInfos complex type.
RepositoryProviderInfoXto Provides information about a repository provider.
ResourceInfoXto Holds base information of a resource.
RoleInfoXto Contains only important core information needed to identify a role.
RolesXto Java class for Roles complex type.
RoleXto A client view of a workflow role.
RuntimeArtifactXto An artifact which can be deployed and is valid from a specified date at runtime.
RuntimePermissionsEntryXto Java class for RuntimePermissionsEntry complex type.
RuntimePermissionsMapXto Java class for RuntimePermissionsMap complex type.
RuntimePermissionsXto RuntimePermissions present permissions that are changeable at runtime.
SchemaTypeXto Type declaration containing embedded schema.
StringListXto Java class for StringList complex type.
TransitionXto The client view of a workflow transition.
TriggersXto Java class for Triggers complex type.
TriggerXto A client side view of a process trigger.
TypeDeclarationsXto Java class for TypeDeclarations complex type.
TypeDeclarationXto A client side view of a type declaration.
UnbindActionDefinitionsXto Contains all the unbind actions registered on the event handler.
UserGroupInfoXto Contains only important core information needed to identify a user group.
UserGroupQueryResultXto Result of an UserGroupQuery execution.
UserGroupsXto Java class for UserGroups complex type.
UserGroupXto The UserGroup represents a snapshot of the UserGroup state.
UserInfoXto Contains only important core information needed to identify a user.
UserQueryResultXto Result of an UserQuery execution.
UserQueryResultXto.UsersXto Java class for anonymous complex type.
UserRealmXto Provides a client view on a user realm.
UserXto The User represents a snapshot of the user state.
VariableDefinitionQueryResultXto Result of an VariableDefinitionQuery execution.
VariableDefinitionsXto Java class for VariableDefinitions complex type.
VariableDefinitionXto A client side view of a data definition.
WorklistXto Result of an WorklistQuery execution.
WorklistXto.SharedWorklistsXto Java class for anonymous complex type.
WorklistXto.SharedWorklistsXto.SharedWorklistXto Java class for anonymous complex type.
WorklistXto.UserWorklistXto Java class for anonymous complex type.
XmlValueXto Contains a XML representation of a value.
XpdlTypeXto XPDL specific type declaration definition object.

Enum Summary
AbortScopeXto Java class for AbortScope.
AcknowledgementStateXto Java class for AcknowledgementState.
BpmFaultCodeXto Java class for BpmFaultCode.
ConditionTypeXto Java class for ConditionType.
DaemonExecutionStateXto Java class for DaemonExecutionState.
FolderLevelOfDetailXto Java class for FolderLevelOfDetail.
GatewayTypeXto Java class for GatewayType.
HistoricalEventTypeXto Java class for HistoricalEventType.
LogCodeXto Java class for LogCode.
LogTypeXto Java class for LogType.
PermissionScopeTypeXto Java class for PermissionScopeType.
PermissionStateXto Java class for PermissionState.
PolicyScopeXto Java class for PolicyScope.
PreferenceScopeXto Java class for PreferenceScope.
PrivilegeXto Java class for Privilege.
ProcessDefinitionDetailsLevelXto Java class for ProcessDefinitionDetailsLevel.
ProcessInstanceDetailsLevelXto Java class for ProcessInstanceDetailsLevel.
ProcessInstanceDetailsOptionXto Java class for ProcessInstanceDetailsOption.
QualityAssuranceStateXto Java class for QualityAssuranceState.
ResultStateXto Java class for ResultState.
SpawnModeXto Java class for SpawnMode.

Exception Summary
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