Extracting Pages Tutorial

In this example, we demonstrate how to extract pages from a document attached to a process instance and pass those pages to a new process that will be started.

For details on the extracting pages functionality, refer to chapter Extracting Pages in the End User Handbook.

Importing the Example Model

We will use the provided ScanDemo example model containing several process definitions that allow process attachments. Download the following ZIP file containing the example model in folder managing-unstructured-workflow::


Create a dynamic Web project designed to deploy Infinity Process Platform models to run in the Infinity Process Platform Portal. For detailed information on creating dynamic Web projects for usage with the Infinity Process Platform Portal, please refer to the Rapid Application Development guide.

Right-click the project and select Import > Process Manager Wizards > Process Model. Click Next and browse to the location of the example model extracted from the zip file.

Deploying and Running the Model

Perform the following steps to deploy the model and run the project in the Infinity Process Platform Portal:

  1. Start your server and deploy the model. For details on how to deploy a model, please refer to the chapter Deploying a Workflow Model of the Support Case Example.
  2. Start the Infinity Process Platform Portal as described in the chapter Logging in the Infinity Portal of the End User Handbook. Login as administrator (motu/motu). You can use the Shift-F8 short key.
  3. Switch to the Participant Manager View of the Administration Perspective.
  4. Create a user and assign him to the roles Scan Operator and Good Order Reviewer. For details on how to create a new user, refer to section Creating a new User of the chapter Creating and Editing User Accounts of the Infinity Portal documentation.


  5. Logout and login again as the new user.
  6. In the Workflow Perspective, start the process IRA.

Attaching a TIFF Document

Now attach a multi-page TIFF Document to activity Good Order Review:

  1. In the toolbar click the Process Documents icon and choose Upload Document.


  2. In the Upload File dialog, browse to the location of the multi-page TIFF document and click Upload.
  3. Now open the Process Details view for the IRA process instance, e.g. from the Process Manager or Process Search view.
  4. Expand the Process Documents section.
  5. The uploaded TIFF document is displayed under Process Attachments.
  6. Click the TIFF document to open the TIFF document viewer. For details on this view, refer to chapter Viewing TIFF Documents of the End User Handbook.

    Process Attachments

Note that you can also attach multi-page TIFF documents by scanning TIFF documents.

Extracting the Pages

The document opens in the TIFF document viewer.

TIFF Viewer
Figure: Document opened in the TIFF Viewer

Now extract pages from the document and pass those pages to a new process that will be determined in the Extract Pages dialog:

  1. In the Bookmarks section, click the Add Bookmark icon .
  2. Add a bookmark with a valid page range, e.g. 2-3 and click the tick icon:

    Process Attachments

  3. Save the document with the bookmark by clicking the Save icon in the upper right corner.
  4. In the Save Document Confirmation dialog, confirm that bookmarks and annotations should be saved.

  5. Select the bookmark and click the Extract Pages icon.

  6. The Extract Pages Dialog opens with the selected bookmark as preset column and default entries.

  7. Click the Start Process drop-down list. It contains processes the logged in user is able to start.
  8. Choose the Brokerage process.

  9. Keep Default as selected Document Type.
  10. Leave Process Attachments as document data.

  11. Select to delete pages, copy annotations and bookmarks as well as to copy the process data.

  12. Click OK to start the Brokerage process.

  13. A dialog opens to notify about the newly started processes.

  14. Click Yes to view the spawned activities.

Checking the Newly Created Document

In the worklist view of the spawned activity, see the started activity Good Order Activity of the newly started process Brokerage.

Now view the newly document, created as process attachment:

  1. Open the Process Details view for the started activity.
  2. Find the data attached to the process under Process Attachments in the Process Documents section.

  3. Click the TIFF document to open it in the TIFF document viewer.

See that the new document is created containing the extracted pages. In our example, pages 2-3 from the original file are present and reordered as 1-2.

Figure: New TIFF Document

Reviewing the Source Document

Reopen the source TIFF document to check it the extracted pages are correctly deleted.

In our example, the pages 2-3 are deleted and the remaining pages are reordered.

Updated Source Document
Figure: Updated Source Document

Reviewing Process History of Affected Process Instances

Open the Process Details view of the originally started IRA process instance. The spawned Brokerage process instance should be displayed as sub-process of this process instance in the Process History section.

Process History Result
Figure: Newly started process displayed as sub-process of origin process instance.