Creating the QA Example Model in the Eclipse Modeler

To create our example QAModel in the Eclipse modeler, proceed as follows:

Creating the Workflow

First create the workflow of the model:

  1. Create a new model, e.g. QAModel.
  2. Create a process definition (or rename the default process definition) called QAUseFormula.
  3. Open the process definition diagram.
  4. Create a manual trigger followed by a manual activity, e.g. Create Account.
  5. Create a subsequent manual activity, e.g. Next Activity.
  6. Create two roles Account and QA Operator.
  7. Make role Account the performer of the manual trigger and Create Account.
  8. Make role QA Operator the performer of activity Next Activity.
  9. You can set the performers via the Connect option in the diagram or by using two different lanes when working in BPMN drawing mode.
  10. Create the following two primitive data:
  11. Create In- and Out-data-mappings for both data to activity Create Account.

The workflow should now look like in the following diagram:

Figure: Diagram with created workflow.

Setting Quality Assurance Criteria

Now set the criteria for quality assurance in the property page of activity Create Account:

  1. Select Quality Assurance in the left pane of the property page.
  2. In the Quality Assurance pane, choose role QA Operator from the drop-down list as quality assurance operator.
  3. Leave the probability value as 100%.
  4. Enter the following formula:
    var accnr=AccountNumber;
    var accname=AccountName;
    if ( (accnr > 9999) || (accnr < 1000))
    else if ( accname == null )
  5. Click Apply to apply the criteria.

Figure: Quality Assurance Criteria

Setting Quality Assurance Codes

Now we set quality assurance codes that can be used to be added as notes when a quality assurance on an activity instance fails. These can be set in the model property page:

  1. Open the model property page.
  2. Select Quality Assurance Codes in the left pane.
  3. Click Add to add a new code.

  4. Enter the following two error codes:

The error codes are now listed in the Quality Assurance Codes tree:

Figure: New Error Codes listed in the tree

Now mark in the activity that these codes should be used:

  1. Open the property page of activity Create Account.
  2. Select Quality Assurance Codes in the left pane.
  3. In the Quality Assurance Codes section, select the two error codes for the account.
  4. Apply the selection.

Error Codes
Figure: Select error codes to be used.