Performing Quality Assurance on interactive Activities

In this example, we demonstrate how quality assurance is performed by using a quality assurance formula set in an interactive activity.

For details on the concept and usage of quality assurance, refer to chapter Quality Assurance in the Concepts section of Infinity Process Platform.

Assuming an accountant of a company has to enter the name and account number of new accounts. To check if a correct account was entered, a quality assurance formula is added to this activity to check for incorrect entries like an empty account name or an invalid account number. In case one of these errors are detected, the activity goes to a quality assurance performer, who either corrects the entries or delegates the activity back to the original performer with an according comment.

You can import the completed example model provided by Infinity Process Platform. Therefore download the following ZIP file containing the quality assurance example model:

You find the example model in folder quality-assurance.

If you like to use the step-by-step tutorial to create the example model yourself or if you like to have a look at the model structure, please proceed with one of the following chapters depending on the kind of modeler you are using (Eclipse or the Portal Modeling perspective):

If you skip these chapters, proceed with Checking Quality Assurance in the Portal.