Creating the Model and Organizational Structure

In this chapter we create the example model with its organizational structure and the authorization and department settings we need to demonstrate the delegation of an activity to another department.

The following sections guide you through the process:

Creating the Model

Create a new model by choosing File > New > Other > Process Manager Wizards > Process Model in the main menu and name it DemoDelegationModel. A default process definition is created automatically.

Creating the Workflow

Open the diagram of the default process definition. Create a manual trigger by selecting Lifecycle > Manual Trigger in the diagram toolbar palette. Create two subsequent manual activities by selecting Activities > Manual. Name the activities Set Departments and Delegate as demonstrated in the following screenshot:

Figure: Workflow for the Delegation Use Case

Please refer to the chapter Adding Activities to Process Definition of the Support Case Example tutorial for detailed information on how to add and connect activities in a process diagram.

Creating and Assigning the Department Data

Create a primitive data named DepartmentData, which will be used as data path for the department defined for the organization.

Now assign the data as Out-data mapping to the activity Set Departments. Thus, the department values will be determined via this activity.

Figure: Primitive Data for Department Values

For information on how to create data and set data connections to activities, please refer to the chapter Handling Data in the Process of the Support Case Example tutorial.

Creating the Organizational Structure

Now we create the organizational structure with the participants to perform the workflow.

Creating the Participants

In the default model diagram, create the following participants:

Via the Connect option in the toolbar palette, connect the role NationalDirector with the organization and choose Manager Of to make it the team leader of the organization. Also connect the role Engineer to the organization, which will be automatically be the Works For connection. Now the organizational structure should look as illustrated in the following screenshot:

Organizational Structure
Figure: The Organizational Structure

For information on creating and assigning organizations, please refer to the chapter Modeling the Organizational Structure of the Modeling Guide.

Setting the department data

To set the department data for the organization NationDivision:

  1. Open the properties page of the NationDivision organization.
  2. Select Department Binding.
  3. Enable the checkbox for Organization support departments.
  4. In the Department Id section, select the data DepartmentData in the Data drop-down list.
  5. Click OK.

Department Settings
Figure: Department Settings for NationDivision

Setting Performers of Activities and Trigger

Now we assign the participants as performers of the activities and the manual trigger. To do so:

  1. Go back to the process diagram.
  2. Assign the Administrator role as participant to the manual trigger by opening the properties page and choosing Administrator in the Participants part.

    Assign Manual Trigger

  3. In the same way assign the Administrator role as participant of the activity Set Departments.
  4. Drag the NationalDirector role from the Outline view to the diagram and connect it with the Delegate activity to make it the performer of this activity.

    Assign National Director

Setting the Delegation Authorization

Now we give the organization NationDivision the permission to delegate the activity Delegate to other departments. An entitlement Delegation to other departments is provided, that allows the user to delegate work from one department to another. To add this authorization to the activity, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the properties page of the Delegate activity.
  2. Select Authorization in the left pane.
  3. Choose Delegation to other departments in the Permission list.
  4. In the Participant section enable the NationDivision additionally to the preselected Administrator.

Assign National Director
Figure: Authorization Settings

As authorization settings are inherited to organizations and roles underneath the organizational tree, also the role NationalDirector gets this grant and is authorized to delegate the activity to other departments.

Please refer to chapter Setting Authorization in Model Element Property Pages of the Modeling Guide for detailed information about declarative authorization settings.