Creating the Departments and Users in the Infinity Process Platform Portal

This chapter guides you through the following steps to prepare the delegation scenario:

Starting the Portal

To be able to perform the delegation scenario in the Infinity Process Platform Portal, start your server and deploy the model. For information on how to deploy a model, please refer to the chapter Deploying a Workflow Model of the Deployment guide.

Start the Infinity Process Platform Portal as described in the chapter Logging in the Infinity Portal of the End User Handbook. Login as administrator (motu/motu). You can use the Shift-F8 short key.

Creating the Users

First create the users, who will be assigned to the performing roles or organizations in different departments:

  1. Switch to the Administration Perspective.
  2. In the All Users part of the Participant Manager view create the following users: Choose passwords and accounts as you like.

Create new Users.
Figure: Create new Users.

Creating the Departments

Now create two departments, where the activity will be delegated from and to:

  1. In the Participant Tree, right-click NationDivision and choose Create Department.
  2. Enter a department with name and ID Germany.

    Create departments

  3. In the same way create a department USA.

Associating the Users

Now associate the users with roles and organizations in the different departments:

The structure in the participant tree should now look like the following:

Departments and Associated Users.
Figure: Departments and Associated Users.