Creating Scoped Participants for the Scoped Organization

This chapter explains how the hierarchy of scoped organization looks like in the Infinity Process Portal and how to work with scoped organizations.

Creating Departments for scoped organization

Now let's create departments for the scoped organization. You can create departments for all the explicitly scoped organization. As you go on creating departments for each explicitly scoped organization, the organization hierarchy is revealed. First of all, create departments India and Germany under explicitly scoped organization O21. Once the India and Germany departments are created the next hierarchy of the organization gets displayed. However the scenario under consideration demands that we create a department called Berlin under the O43 organization whose parent department is Germany.

To achieve this:

  1. Use the following start URL: http://localhost:8080/multiscopexample to access the login page of Infinity Process Portal
  2. Log in with the default administrator user ID and password: motu/motu (master of the universe). You can use Shift-F8 to rapidly type these credentials. When you login to the Infinity Process Portal the default view is of the Workflow Execution.
  3. In the Navigation pane, click the Administration icon to open the Administration perspective
  4. In the Administration pane, click the Participant Manager link. The Participant Manager view gets displayed. A list of active users is displayed in the upper table and the Participant Tree is displayed in a pane next to it.

    Figure: Participant Manager

  5. Right-click on the explicitly scoped organization O21. The Create Department option gets displayed.

    Figure: Participant Tree - Create Department

  6. Create the department Germany and India under the explicitly scoped organization O21

    Figure: Departments - Germany and India

  7. Expand the O32 organization
  8. Right-click on the explicitly scoped organization O43. The Create Department option gets displayed.

    Figure: O43 - Create Department

  9. Create the department Berlin under O43 organization

    Figure: Berlin

  10. Make sure that the organization hierarchy looks like as shown in the following screenshot.

    Figure: Organization Hierarchy

Creating Users

The next step is to create users as each user should be assigned to each department. To achieve this, the administrator needs to create different users with different grants (assigned roles and departments).

Let's create four users:

  1. In the Administration pane, click the Participant Manager option
  2. Create the user Croft Lara whose account is Croft
  3. Click Apply. For detail information on how to create the new user, please refer to section Creating a New User of chapter Creating and Editing User Accounts of the End User Handbook.
  4. Similarly, create the user City Frankman, Robert Dawson and Alvin Winchester

Figure: Added Users

Associating Users with the Departments

Once all the users are created, you need to associate each user to the department of explicitly or implicitly scoped organization.

Drag-and-drop the user on the organization or department:

  1. Drag City Frankman and drop it on the department Germany of the O21 organization

    Figure: Associate City Frankman with Germany

  2. Associate Dawson Robert with the organization O32

    Figure: Associate Dawson Robert with organization O32

  3. Associate Winchester Alvin with the Berlin department of the organization O43

    Figure: Associate Winchester Alvin with Berlin Department

  4. Associate Croft Lara with Role 1

    Figure: Associate Croft Lara with Role 1

Once you assign the users to the departments the Participant Tree looks like as shown:

Figure: Participant Tree

Note the user drag-drop functionality gives grants to the user for departments.