Getting Started

If not already done, download the Infinity Process Platform features as described in the Installation Guide.

Apart from the Infinity Process Platform installation, you only need a Tomcat installation to go through this tutorial. Refer to the Infinity Release Notes for details on the Tomcat version supported with the current release.


As a start some names of the product are described here. For an overview on the provided packages provided by Infinity Process Platform, refer to the Installation Guide.

Infinity Process Platform

This is the general product name.

Infinity Process Engine

This name is used for the runtime component of Infinity Process Platform.

Starting the Modeling

Before your business process can be executed, you must model its elements (activities to be performed, variable definitions, applications and resources) as well as the relationships between these elements. For this purpose, your web server for example, Apache Tomcat should be up and running on the IPP.

To log on to the Infinity Process Platform Portal.

The start URL for the Support-Case Infinity Process Platform Portal is:


and leads you to the Infinity Process Platform Portal login screen, whereby

So if the Tomcat settings are configured properly, the browser URL to enter is http://localhost:8080/Support-Case.

In our ACME example, we will use applications and data implemented in Java, which have to be integrated in the business model. We have prepared the applications and data classes so that you can proceed with this tutorial without having to implement the model-specific components yourself. To get the example resources, download the following ZIP file:

You find the resources in folder support-case.

In the following figure you see a screenshot of the complete ACME Workflow example model:

The ACME Workflow Model
Figure: The Support Case Workflow Model

Log on with the default administrator's user ID and password: motu/motu (master of the universe). You can use Shift-F8 to rapid type these credentials:

Login Screen
Figure: Login Screen