Setting the Scene

This chapter introduces you to Infinity Process Platform from a pragmatic point of view. This tutorial explains how to model a simple business process and deploy it for improved automation and management. The example focuses on a process modeled for a customer call center in a fictitious company called ACME.


In this example, ACME is an independent software vendor and needs to set up a support management process. In the customer call center, agents are put all incoming support incidents on record. The engineering staff is responsible for analysis of the recorded calls and for providing a solution to each of them.


Using this tutorial for hands-on learning, requires a prior installation of Infinity Process Platform on your system. Installation issues are covered in the Infinity Process Platform Installation Guide.

Familiarity with basic concepts of workflow modeling is recommended, though not required, for understanding this chapter. A more theoretical introduction to workflow modeling with Infinity Process Platform is provided in the Modeling Guide.


Once you execute this tutorial, you can: