Adding Swim Lanes

In this example, we are using swim lanes to assign performer for each activity. However, note that you can use the Authorization feature as well to assign participant for each activity.

In the toolbar, click the Create Swimlane icon to add the swim lane to the default pool.

Create Process
Figure: Create Swim Lanes

Add three swim lanes to the default pool. So, total four swim lanes are added as shown in the following screenshot:

Create Process
Figure: Add Swim Lanes

Rename the swim lanes as:

  1. Default Lane - Start Process

    Start Process - Swim Lane
    Figure: Start Process - Swim Lane

  2. Lane 1 - Collect Details
  3. Lane 2 - Analyze Issues
  4. Lane 3 - Deliver Results

Swim Lanes
Figure: Swim Lanes

You need to assign the participants to these swim lanes. Only the assigned participant can perform the activity added in the swim lanes. So, let's create and assign participants in the next chapter.