Creating Participants

Once the swim lanes are added, we need to create participants. Creating participants involves creating organization and adding roles to it. Once the roles are created, you can create users at runtime and assign these roles to them.

For the tutorial, we need to create an organization called ACME Headquarters and create roles called Callcenter Agent and Engineer under the organization.

  1. In the My Process Models panel, expand the model
  2. Right-click the Participants node and select the Create Organization option.

    Create Organization
    Figure: Create Organization

    An Organization 1 is created.
  3. Rename it as ACME Headquarters
  4. Right-click on the ACME Headquarters and select the option Create Role

    Create Role
    Figure: Create Role

  5. Rename the role as Callcenter Agent
  6. Similarly, create a role called Engineer under the organization ACME Headquarters

The organization structure looks like as shown in the following screenshot:

Organization Structure
Figure: Organization Structure

Assigning Participants to Swim Lanes

Once the participants are created, you need to assign them to swim lanes. The assigned participant becomes the performer of activities that are added to the specific lane.

To assign participants to the swim lane:

  1. Select the Default Lane in the Process Diagram canvas. The General Properties of the lane are displayed.
  2. In the General Properties panel, select Administrator from the Participant drop-down list

    Organization Structure
    Figure: Start Process - Participant - Administrator

  3. In the My Process Models toolbar, click the Save All Model icon to save the changes

Assign following participants to lanes in similar manner:

Swim Lane Participant
Collect Details Callcenter Agent
Analyze Issues Engineer
Deliver Results ACME Headquarters